Brand new

This is my first entry!



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3 responses to “Brand new

  1. crseum

    Look at you! You are a blogger! Congratulations buddy!

  2. The Stage

    Did you get influenced by the liveblogging at the last Stage? ;)


  3. elecpenciljim

    crseum ~ Thanks for all your help this is good therapy!

    the stage ~ Yes I was influenced by the liveblogging but I have admired all of you young folks bloggs about Y-town for some time now! I had to start a Blog to get my rage out as: My writing has been bannd from AOL,and RoadRunner comment lines, the radio show I had got the plug pulled, the Catholic Exponent has banned me and the Warren Tribune’s editor either bans me or slashes my “Letter’s to the Editor” in half. I love the Stage and really have to get to some of the plays you put on. My son has expressed a desire to come in October and play some music. I fear what music he may be creating and am not sure it’s something the public should be exposed to.

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