Laugter/tears and Homecoming Queens

A big night tonight. My daughter, the Mac was chosen as her High School Homecoming Queen!!! It did not rain, my parents and mother-in-law came and our team won the game!! On top of that our community was warm with congratulations. The thing about your kids is they either make you laugh or cry and no in between. Truth is sometimes the laughter is in bewilderment and sometimes the tears are in joy. On a good day you get to share both of these kinds of laughter and tears with your kids. Today I had such a day!!!


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2 responses to “Laugter/tears and Homecoming Queens

  1. crseum

    Ohhh that’s so awesome! When I first got pregnant, my colleague told me to prepare for the greatest most painful love of my life. I had no idea what she meant. How very proud you must be today!

  2. elecpenciljim

    Thanks crseum ~ I am proud of both of my kids. I mostly am not sure what my wife and I did right raising them but somehow it worked. I see by my church bulletin that you are going to help with educating kids at the church so good for you!

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