By Dammit I’m Old Enough to be Opininated

I was saddened to hear Paul Newman passed away today. For more than 25 years Newman’s Own Foundation has produced food products whose proceeds are all donated to charities. The private independent foundation has generated more than $250 million. Quite a nice legacy from a great actor and humanitarian.

Workplace Political Discussion

I had a political discussion with a workmate Friday. It’s with one of those people who won’t let you finish a sentence. She said, “I like that Sarah Palin.” It’s hard for me to take someone serious after that comment. Said person was saying the problem with the USA was people on welfare. I am always amazed that so many people in the middle-class (who are a paycheck away from being on welfare) see the poor not the corporations that own our so called, “representatives” as the problem.

I had a woman last year tell me she was outraged by seeing a woman buy a steak at Wal-Mart with a food coupon. I replied, “It’s ironic that you would shop at Wal-Mart who in 2006 received 1 million dollars in corporate welfare and bash a woman with food stamps.” Here was this woman shopping at the biggest welfare queen in the country.

I mentioned to workmate that social welfare isn’t even worth talking about because it’s always been less than 1% of the budget. It’s like spitting in the ocean next to corporate welfare and the war cost over runs by corporations like Haliburton. My co-worker did not believe my 1% figure. I walked to a classroom computer and printed out an article on welfare myths proving my point.

See here:

Please use this info to educate other welfare bashers. I don’t even think my co-worker looked at my facts as some people would rather believe what they think than the facts. In the end I may disagree with fellow employees about political and social issues but I hope they know that I respect them for the difficult job they do working with Autistic children.

I can’t think of any better reason to have a blog than to bust myths and spread facts. The powers that be fired all of their fact checkers years ago so it’s up us little guys to spread the truth.


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4 responses to “By Dammit I’m Old Enough to be Opininated

  1. Lord Chimmy

    Steak!? That is OUTRAGEOUS! Everyone knows that welfare recipients must eat gruel! The poor do not deserve to eat a fat steak!

  2. elecpenciljim

    Lord ~ Rice is nice but gruel is cruel.

  3. crseum

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH. My practice to people who bitch about stuff like this is to explain about 25 cents of their tax dollars a year goes to these recipients. I offer them five bucks and tell them they can come back and talk to me in twenty years. No takers yet.

  4. elecpenciljim

    crseum ~ That’s a perfect comment to welfare bashers! It looks like Wall Street is going to be on the dole and I say, “Let them live in their BMW’s (Big Money Wasted).”

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