Community, Moat Food, Lies and the Bailout

Yesterday I saw more of my communities “common unity.” As I said, my daughter the Mac was chosen as her high schools homecoming queen. My neighbor lady who raised three daughters did a fantastic job setting Mac’s hair for the homecoming dance. Another resident had many of Mac’s classmates over (as she and her husband do annually) so they use her picturesque backyard as a backdrop for photos of the kids in their dance attire.

My neighbor was going away for a few days and asked me to keep an eye on his house. This is a retired neighbor who in the winter plows many of our driveways and won’t take a penny. This same neighbor has a big garden every year and shares his vegetable harvest with many in our neighborhood. I have been blessed with my neighborhood and it’s sense of community!

Speaking of vegetables I made some mental notes last week in the school cafeteria at my workplace. The school was actually serving buttered beets to kids. The only kids eating them were multiple handicapped kids who had them pureed or kids in wheelchairs who couldn’t get away because their brakes were locked. A note to the cafeteria staff beets, olives and sweet potatoes are not edible foods. They are “moat foods” to protect the garden’s treasures. You plant olive trees, beets and sweet potatoes in a circle around your garden to protect real vegetables like onions, peppers, cucumbers and corn. Bugs, rodents and small mammals will take a bite out of the olives, beets and sweet potatoes and vomit and run away there by protecting the inner circle of edible vegetables. I learned this technique in my favorite series of self-help books. No not those “Gardening for Dummies” books but in the “Lazy Man’s Guide to Gardening” book.

Don’t even try and convince me that sweet potatoes are wonderful when topped with butter and brown sugar. I wouldn’t eat a sweet potato if you put Handle’s butter pecan ice cream and a slice of Sunrise Pizza on top of one.

If you saw the debates and wonder who told the most whoppers see here:

A funny on the bailout:


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2 responses to “Community, Moat Food, Lies and the Bailout

  1. crseum

    Buttered beets. That’s Oliver Twist like abusive. Ill show you how to do links asap.

  2. elecpenciljim

    My son said he will do links for me in a few weeks when he comes home from college. Thanks for the offer but I’ve asked too much of you already.

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