Jesus was a Community Organizer Pontius Pilate was a Governor

I got totally hammered during the VP debate. I decided to play a drinking game. I drank a shot of Jamesons every time Bible Spice said, Maverick and did a swallow of Straub every time she said oil. I was shit faced the first 20 minutes in.

She lost the debate because she could not show why McCain was not like Bush (even with all of her crib sheets). She did criticize Bush but I’ll bet she voted for him in 2000 and even in 2004 when we had seen how he was destroying the country. She also had no rebuttal to Biden’s point about McCain’s deregulation

Like other Republicans she thinks Government is bad, yet she’s supports the bailout and loved all the pork she got for Alaska as a mayor and governor.

Klondike Barbie is a regular “Joe Six Pack.” That is if you own half a million dollar hose on property worth $1.1 million, have two boats and an airplane that lands on water.

That she thinks like Cheney in that the VP should have more power is down right scary. It also goes against the executive powers of the constitution.

As for who I’d rather have a beer with. It’s a decorated veteran like Kerry instead of an AWOL alcoholic/cocaine addict frat rat like Bush.
It’s a community organizer not a governor. After all Jesus was a community organizer and Pontius Pilate was a governor.

Ten Reasons why not to bail out Wall Street:


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