Attention Book Burners / Fahrenheit 451 Time

I am hearing Alaska’s Gov. Bimbo on the campaign trail reminding voters that Barack Obama’s middle name is Hussein. We all know that is to try and tie him to Moslems. He is not a Moslem but here in America (at least my version of America) people are allowed to be Moslems if they want to be.

Maybe if Republicans weren’t so busy painting Obama and any Democrat that wants peace as a terrorist they could have actually captured a real terrorist like bin Laden.

McCain’s middle name is Sidney. Do you really want a Sidney in the Oval Office? I can’t imagine saying, President Sidney McCain and First Lady Cindy Lou McCain.

I have been doing extensive research on the Koran and came up with this poem:

Attention Book Burners/Fahrenheit 451 Time

Christians are portraying
Moslems who follow
their holy book,
the Koran as
intolerant murderers,
criminals and terrorists.
Atrocities such as
the attack on 9/11
can easily be attributed
to the prophet Mohammed
and the god, Allah.
when you read the following verses
from their so-called “holy book.”
“Don’t associate with
those of other faiths.”
“Don’t receive them
into you home
or even exchange
greetings with them.”
Others who don’t share
your beliefs have
an “evil heart.”
It gets even more intolerant
when you read,
“God destroys those who
don’t believe in him.”
When the god in this
supposed “Holy Book”
isn’t killing someone
which he does on
every other page,
he is ordering
his followers to
kill any friends
or family
that worships a god
different than him.
He says to kill them
in their very own church.
He orders, “Kill all inhabitants
of any city where people
worship different than you.”
There are holy verses
that call for the
elimination of entire
ethnic groups including
women, children, animals
and even trees.
He tells his followers to,
hide along the road
wait for women
and then kidnap,
rape and marry them.
This god tells his followers
you are “of God” and
everyone else is wicked.
You best believe
there’s a lot to fear
from this faith
when you read,
“Everyone will have to
worship the prophet—
whether they
want to or not.”
They place themselves
above all laws
by the verse,
“A follower cannot be accused
of any wrongdoing.”
Knowing that their
faith could crumble
if it were to under go
any free and critical thinking,
this prophet tells
his followers to
avoid philosophy.
That just proves that
ignorance is bliss.
Surely this hate-filled book
should never be in a library.
It should also never be
allowed in a school.
Banning it is just not enough.
All copies of it need
to be immediately burned.
If I was a politician
who espoused “family values,”
I’d strike the first match.
Clerics of every religion
should be calling for
a funeral pyre of
this unholy book.
It’s little wonder
that its followers’
fight constant wars.
Even if you don’t
appreciate my poem
know that I risked
my life composing it.
I did extensive research
that buried my desk
in a pyramid of paper.
Gathering so much info
can be confusing.
That’s my excuse because
I have just realized,
oops, my bad,
that the aforementioned
verses are really from the Bible’s
Old and New Testaments,
instead of the Koran.
I guess, like most things
banning books should
begin at home.

For the quotes I must thank: John, Jude, Joshua, Hebrews, Deuteronomy, Kings, Judges, Exodus, Colossians, Philippians and Romans.

Palin’s scary minister friend Pastor Muthee:
Palin’s scary pastor

Another Bimbo besides Bible Spice Palin: Dumb Bimbo

The greatest rock singer of all time is Terry Reid. Terry was asked to join Led Zeppelin before Robert Plant. I’m no Zep fan but would have dug them with Terry’s funky voice and his guitar talent. Terry toured with the Stones and Hendrix: Greatest rock singer

Because one Terry song is not enough: Terry kills

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