Everybody Must Get Poor and Comb Overs

What the Hell is with these focus groups the media goes to after the debates? It’s the same group of folks who won’t commit to a candidate because that would mean they wouldn’t get to come back for the next debate. Listen dickweeds you haven’t landed a new fall TV series. Time to get off the fence or we need to make the fence sharp enough they won’t sit on it. In other words shit (or the word I use for shit, Hannity) or get off the pot. If they can’t decide by now they are officially to damn dumb to vote.

What’s with McCain not shaking Obama’s hand after the debate? I watched the debate as I always do on CSPAN. I noted after the debate that the McCain’s left while Michele and Barak went into the audience and interacted. Maybe Grump McCain had to meet up somewhere with the other 6 dwarfs.

Why do McCain and so many other senators and congressmen have comb overs? Am I the only one who notices that every time I turn on CSPAN and watch the houses in action?

So much for McSame being the guy you’d rather have a beer with. You would have to say, “Which one of your nine homes should we go to a bar near?” Then asked, “Can you pick me up in one of your 13 cars?” I’ve been in bars and I can’t tell you even one time I’ve looked around and wanted any of the patrons to be my next president. I also imagine McSame drinks at a country club that wouldn’t let my blue-collar butt into.

McSame’s wealth: wealthy McCains

The real Maverick: Maverick

What the Hell is with McSame always saying, “My friends?” I am not nor never will be your friend you Scrooge McDuck.
See here: I am not here to be your friend

Shawn Phillips the voice of a God: Gods voice

Shawn still gives me goose bumps 35 years later: chilling voice

My favorite Poem

“A Case for Utopia” by Peter Maurin

The world would be better off if people tried to become better,and people would become better if they stopped trying to become better off. For when everyone tries to become better off nobody is better off. But when everyone tries to become better everybody is better off. Everyone would be rich if nobody tried to become richer,and nobody would be poor if everybody tried to be the poorest. And everybody would be what he ought to be if everybody tried to be what he wants the other fellow to be.


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