Smiling Cannibals and Heartless Vampires

I’ve had it. I’m mad that conservative Americans are a bunch of corporate tools. They are corporate tools who will still believe in corporate capitalism no matter how much we taxpayers have to bail the corporate fat cats out.

I’m talking about idiots like this ahole: Big ahole who does need his head examined

These corporate tools will scream against socialized medicine while the corporate hogs take all the socialism they can get and laugh at us.

AIG execs live it up after socialist bailout: Fat cats laugh at us

Socialist? If that means we should have a worker’s paradise instead of a corporate one where CEO’s make 400 times the employees put me down for socialism I prefer the term “Peopleism.” Don’t underestimate how much the average common man can make this a better world. We’ll just have to work around some tools who love to serve their corporate masters. Maybe they’ll be happy to go to China and work in a sweatshop for Wal-Mart for 15 cents and hour.

Perhaps if the Republican Party didn’t have their heads up the Asses of every corporation, we would have consumer laws that protected us and not big business. Maybe we would have a health care system that benefited the public and not the Insurance lobby. Maybe we would have banking and mortgage laws that benefited citizens and not the banks. Maybe we would have an energy policy that benefited us with reasonably priced electricity, heat and gasoline not just benefiting Big Oil. Maybe we would have environmental policies that protected our planet instead of allowing it to be polluted by industry.

Voters who support McCain and Palin are actually voting for a Vice Presidential candidate who is anti-polar bear.

For those fools who want less government that means less regulation of all the issues I mentioned. I love my family too much to cut the Food & Drug Administration, Federal Trade Commission, Environmental Protection Agency, etc. This is what all-republican candidates propose doing. People fought long and hard to get these agencies to protect us. The same conservative politicians who sold our jobs out to China now want to protect dangerous products from China instead of our families.

All I hear from the conservatives is their worship of their god. Their god is Reagan. President Reagan painted a picture of America as a shining city upon a hill. On the other side of that hill Reagan let corporations purchase that city. These corporations bought our so-called representatives and raped and plundered our countries natural resources and labor force. That has increased under Bush/Cheney and their “compassionate conservatism”. We now know compassionate conservatism means, a smiling cannibal.

We should all be able to see that these neocon ideas have tanked our economy. Yet we have voters who can’t get enough of the tragedy and want McCain/Palin to finish us off. The noecon vampire needs to have a stake pounded through its heartless body.

Just electing democrats will not save us. We must hold them accountable. We are all leaders and we need to take back America. Time to get busy fellow leaders.

Steve Earl: The Revolution Starts Now

More Steve: A Rich Man’s War


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