Yes Joesam You are a Fool and a Corporate Tool

I’m sure by now you all know “Joe the Plumber” who McCain and Obama talked about in the debates. Obama ran into this guy who asked him a question in Holland, Ohio: Plumber

Well, Joe wanted to interrupt Obama’s answer because like most conservative Americans they can only handle a fifteen second answer. Like most conservatives once a little investigation ensues they are either exposed as hypocrites, corporate tools, full of Hannity (shit) liars or usually all three. Well, Joe’s name is really Sam so I’ll call him Joesam. Since he’s a conservative he is of course not a union plumber. Hell, Joesam is an unlicensed plumber who never had any training in being a plumber. He has worked for the same employer for six years. When he was first hired his boss said, maybe some day you can take over the business. Joesam has taken that literally and believes one day he will be owner of the company.

Right now Joesam pulls down about $42,000 a year from suckers who don’t know they are paying for an unlicensed plumber. That is damn good money for a guy with no training in a field that takes plenty of training. Instead of being happy that he’s making good bucks for not even being licensed Joesam thinks he deserves to be the business owner. If he was owner he believes he could make $250,000 -$270,000 a year.

Never mind Joesam has no experience or schooling in business management Joesam thinks he’s entitled to become the owner of the plumbing busines he works for. Joesam has an alligator mouth and a humming bird ass. Since Joesam stuck his big bald head in front of a camera trying to trash Obama for asking the richest 5% in this country to pay more he may have ruined his boss’s business. There may be no business to some day in the future buy once the word gets out they employ unlicensed plumbers. Nice going Joesam. He couldn’t help himself, as conservatives just have to be assholes when the media appears.

Joesam has bought into the whole Horatio Alger bullshit. Exposing the B.S of Horatio Alger.:B.S.

Joesam was held up by John McCain as the typical, hard-working American taxpayer. Court documents show he owes nearly $1,200 in back taxes. Joesam I wouldn’t sweat the big taxes you fear paying when you become a millionaire I’d say just pay the tax money you already owe.

Joesam has fallen for the Hannity (shit) that rich conservatives tell the poor and middle-class that we should never ask the rich to pay their fair share as one day we could be those rich guys. When people fall for that they become corporate tools like Joesam. If we dare mention the inequities in the USA we are accused of starting class-warfare. You saw McCain accuse Obama of creating class-warfare in the last debate. The poor and middle-class are getting their asses kicked in this war and we are supposed to act like there is no war on us? We’re suppose to believe in Trickle Down economics? Hell, I know a Golden Shower when I see it.

I’m always saddened when I see the middle-class trashing the poor for getting welfare, which is a measly 1% of the federal budget. I am saddened when I see the middle-class trash each other as in this Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae collapse. They blame folks for trying to buy more house then they could afford instead of greedy bankers and greedy real estate companies. Hey middle-class hypocrites if you buy anything on a credit card today because you don’t have the cash and will pay for it later you are just as guilty as those folks trying to buy too much house. When you bash each other you are a corporate tool that the richest 5% love as you’ve let their tax loophole asses off the hook.

The truth is now that Joesam has been exposed as being unlicensed and untrained his boss will be canning his ass instead of selling him the business. Joesam is a conservative who has been quoted trashing Social Security and government programs. I’m sure his hypocritical soon to be unemployed ass will be first in line at the Welfare Office demanding food stamps.

Joesam is leaning toward voting for McCacin and said he voted for him in the primary. This is more bullshit from Joesam: Joe’s a liar

Joesam has stated with all of his attention he hopes he hasn’t made a fool of himself. News flash you are a fool. I think you’ve been smelling to much flux when you’re soldering those copper pipes.

Here’s the kind of racism the GOP does: racist GOP

I went to The Stage at The Oakland Theater last night. I didn’t take notes but I will try to write a review of it tomorrow.

Anne Fenney sings live: Anne tells it like it is

More Anne: Scabs


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2 responses to “Yes Joesam You are a Fool and a Corporate Tool

  1. Kris

    Great Stage last night!

    I’ll be Joesam wishes he’d never stepped in front of that camera, huh? Oh, and he also said that he admire Sarah Palin, so there you go.

    To be serious, though, I think the points you made about the middle class attacking itself are powerful ones.

  2. elecpenciljim

    I love the Stage gang!

    Joesam is the average do nothing American as he’s a blowhard who didn’t even bother to register to vote. That doesn’t stop his kind from grilling candidates and pleading his case to them.

    Look at who the foot soldiers are in a war and you’ll see it’s one nation’s working-class fighting against another nations working-class. All that bloodshed to benefit the rich in both nations.

    Take the case of scabs for example and you’ll see why I always say no one fucks the working man like the working man.

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