Do-rags, Frisbees, Dogs, Sickos and Wall Street

On my way to work today I did not notice the bikers I have seen hanging out at the Waffle House. I have noticed them the last three Wednesdays. There are about a dozen wearing $600 leather jackets. They are all on new $20,000 plus full dresser Harley Davidson’s. That’s a lot for a cycle when we have a limited about of season to ride one. I was thinking who are these bikers with so much money who don’t seem to be working on Wednesdays? I then realized that’s the day doctors and dentists have off. That’s who riding these expensive toys as no one else can afford them. A pack of these medical guys have gotten together with their golf buddies and are making a morning stop to get an All-Star Special breakfast.

Now don’t get me wrong I don’t begrudge a doctor or dentist owning an expensive motorcycle. I like my doctor and dentist they’re first class guys and deserve the money they make. What I object to is something else I noticed about these medical outlaws. What I was horrified to see was that these guys were either wearing do-rags or bandanas. Bandanas and do rags make horrible helmets and doctors should be smart enough to wear helmets. That doesn’t even bother me so much as what a stupid fashion statement do-rags and bandanas are.

I grew up in the late 60’s and early 70’s and have seen more than my fair share of bandanas and these do-rags are just the newest extension of that tacky fashion. Ever see those guys throwing their dog a Frisbee in the park? Odds are their dog, a golden retriever or spaniel will have a blue or red bandana hung in a triangle cowboy kerchief style around the dog’s neck. I overdosed on seeing that in the 70’s. If I ever see that on a dog again I will call the ASPCA and report the dog’s owner for being cruel to animals.

Here’s a sicko site selling dog bandanas: sicko site

Look at this photo and tell me your heart doesn’t weep at what they have done to this poor defenseless animal: sad pooch

If I accomplish nothing in life I at least want put on my tombstone, “He accomplished nothing but at least he never wore a bandana (or do-rag).”

What I really admire about bikers is something we can all learn from them. That is the fact when Ohio passed helmet laws for motorcyclists the cyclist marched on Columbus. They organized with other states in ABATE (American Bikers Aimed Toward Education). ABATE is a freedom of choice organization, dedicated to the premise that the individual is best suited to decide the type of motorcycle to ride, the type of safety gear to wear, and their own personal lifestyle. ABATE monitors legislative activity in regard to laws affecting motorcyclists, especially those designed to limit freedom of choice, and to encourage all members to become politically involved in order to effect positive legislation. Through demonstrations, public forums, writing letters and meeting elected representatives, ABATE members have the opportunity to present their side of the issues and educate governmental leaders about the needs of Ohio motorcyclists.

Where the Hell is the organization to represent the working-class and organize us to fight for our rights? It sure isn’t our unions who have become “cops for the boss”‘ as they negotiate concessionary contracts that give away our pensions, health care and lower our wages. The unions call themselves International but did nothing to raise wages around the world. Had they helped bring up the standards of workers around the world corporations would not of had sweatshop nations to set up shop in. Instead workers around the world are competing in a race to the bottom in wages and working conditions.

Where was the organization representing workers who for the most part didn’t want our tax dollars going to bailout Wall Street? Anyone believe our congressmen and senators had our opinions or interests ahead of Wall Streets? Do you think either of our two parties truly represent you? Aren’t our politicians today pretty much the type we fought a revolution to get rid of? If socialism is the answer for Wall Street why is it treated like a boogieman when it comes to solving the problems on Main Street? So many questions so little lifetime left.

I am reminded of a poem I wrote years ago when I rhymed things more than I do today. It explains how business is run in America today. Reading it today I am reminded of how much money the taxpayers are giving WalMart to locate in Liberty Ohio.

Business In America

The politician promises all a job, job, job
then it’s off to the country club to hob-nob.

These are the people he must please,
the same ones who send jobs overseas.

He’s got a business to locate in his district,
of course, they have demands that are strict.

They’ll need tax abatements and low interest loans,
local officials will bow at their thrones.

New offices with computers and faxes,
all paid for by the little folks’ taxes.

Have their loan ready on the specified date
or they’ll move to your neighboring state.

When the abatement is up, they’ll need a renewal,
see the stock markets been a bear not a bull.

This is the way business is you see
in a capitalistic economy.


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