Heaven is Not Segregated

If we can get on You Tube and view videos filled with racial hate by white trash Americans aimed at Obama don’t you think the rest of the world can? Don’t you think bin Laden can easily show these videos of American racists for the purpose of recruiting terrorists? These recruited terrorists will hate the white trash Americans for hating anyone who isn’t white and Christian. The Arab terrorists will figure if these Americans in the videos hate their own countrymen for not being white Christian they are certainly no people you’d want to be setting foot on your soil. So as you can see hate is a vicious circle.

The thing is some of these foreign countries think all Americans are like the racist Americans you see in these videos. I am not calling for a ban on videos showing these racists against the Obama campaign. I don’t believe in censoring the media. I’m for calling these racists UN-AMERICAN. They want to label anyone who doesn’t think like them un-American but the truth is people preaching racism are more than un-American they are terrorists.

I am ashamed to live in a country with folks like the ones in these videos. They call themselves Christians but they make as much of a mockery of the bible as Al-Qaeda does of the Koran.

See what I mean by these subhumans in Ohio: racists

A guy in a Confederate hat who’s not a racist? Las Vegas racists

More Vegas: racists

Then you’ve got racists in the media: racist media

Racists in PA: Pa racists

A racist biker shows he has brain damage after a wreck not wearing a helmet. How else would you explain this T-shirt: racist biker

Millions listen to this racist everyday: radio racist

Listening to racists like Rush and Hannity leads folks to this: assasins

Nietzsche said, “The last Christian died on the cross.” There are lots of Christians about that prove him right.

Eliza Gilkyson sings about the Man of God: Man of


Cure for racism and hate: cure

Sing it Bob!

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