Drano Joe the Circus Monkey

The latest news on Joe the plumber has him hiring an agent see here: Agent
Joe is going to be a millionaire after all! That’s why he’s for McCain, as millionaires don’t pay taxes under Republicans.

As comedian Bill Maher said, “Joe doesn’t want to pay more taxes but is willing to give an agent 15%.” News is Joe is also going to record a country and western album. Joe was on right-wing talk radio hosts Laura Ingraham’s show saying he may run for congress. I remember reading in David Brocks great book, “Blinded by the Right” that of all his former right-wing friends she was the dumbest and shallowest. He said he noted being at her home and noticing she owned no books and he also doubted she had ever read a book.

For all those right-wingers that claim the press wouldn’t let Joe have any privacy it’s worth noting Joe is trying to exploit his 15 minutes of fame to the max. Joe has been joining McCain/Palin on the campaign trail to try and influence the “Joe Six” packs of the country. As a Joe Six pack I can tell you when my plant closed I went from being in the industrial sector to the service sector. I note that Ronald Reagan’s service sector pays way less than the industrial sector did. So many of us Joe Six packs are now Joe Two packs.

On the campaign trail Joe agreed with a guy that a vote for Obama is the death of Israel. Obama of course is a big supporter of Israel. How dumb of a right-winger are you when FOX News’s Shep Smith calls you out as being frightening? : Calling Joe frightening

Joe is truly an uninformed bald bobblehead. Anyone agree with me that Joe has been huffing Drano?

McCain has been calling Joe the Plumber his hero. McCain says Joe’s a regular guy who works hard and pays his taxes. Well pays his taxes sometimes, as he presently owes $1200. As for working hard Joe is an unlicensed plumber, which makes him a handyman. I don’t know about you but when I hire a plumber I want a licensed, bonded and insured one. Joe obviously doesn’t know enough to pay his taxes but wants to question Obama’s tax plan. Joe’s worried about how to get out of paying taxes one day when he becomes a millionaire. Joe you are already not paying your taxes and working without a license, which makes you a typical republican.

Joe says he hopes to one day buy his bosses business that makes over $250,000 a year. Joe’s boss laughed and said he makes about $100,000 and has never talked about selling Joe his unlicensed contracting business. I guess Joe was giving Obama the business when he spouted off his B.S. about becoming a business owner. First off Joe get a license and some plumber training.

Besides spouting off about Obama and Israel Joe has weighed in on hating Social Security and stopping immigration. Joe your parents get Social Security so have them refuse the checks and you pay for their keep. As far as illegal immigrants they are coming to the USA to better their life isn’t that what you wanted to do by buying your bosses business? Immigrants would actually be smart enough have a conversation with their boss if they were interested in buying his business. Immigrants would also realize they don’t need to buy out someone’s business because how much does it really take to run an unlicensed contracting business? What a pick em up truck and an ad in the newspaper?

Joe I believe McCain when he says you are his hero. That’s because Joe is the middle-class guy republicans’ love. He’s a regular working guy deluding himself into thinking he’s one day going to be a millionaire businessman. He’s a guy who owes money to a hospital but isn’t concerned with health care plans. He’s a middle class guy who doesn’t realize or care that the wealthy own our politicians and pay them to write laws for their benefit not the benefit of the middle class and poor. He’s a guy who doesn’t understand that the wealthy profit from wars that the poor and middle-class sacrifice their kids for. McCain the multi-millionaire is exploiting Joe the wanna be millionaire. Joe rails against socialism while socialism just bailed out the wealthy.

The Joe Six packs that vote for the McCain’s, Reagan’s and Bushes of the world haven’t figured out what their place is at the big top republican tent. The media is corporate owned and therefore not liberal but conservative. In the big top GOP tent the media is therefore the clowns entertaining you. The corporate CEO’s play their high wire acts and if they fall they use the middle-class as the nets to save their rich asses. The lion tamers are politicians who try to scare us with fear and claim only they can save us. The magicians are the conservatives trying to convince us trickle down economics is not a trick that only rewards the wealthy. The Republican symbol the elephant is the star trampling anything in it’s way. When the elephants have done their damage and left their excrement the middle-class and poor that vote for them are left to clean up their shit. Right now Bush is the ringmaster and McCain wants to be. Let’s hope after next Tuesday we can tell them to pack up their tent and hit the road.

Tonio K One Big (Happy) Family: Happy?

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