A Message From God No More Bigotry in My Name

A message from God: God’s message

Lots of voters missed that message from God in California, Florida and Arizona when they voted to ban gay marriages.

Individual contributions from Mormon Church members put up $15,305,050 to pass Proposition 8 in California banning gay marriages. The Catholic Knights of Columbus was the largest single contributor against gay marriages spending $1.4 million. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops kicked in $200,000 and Dr.James Dobson’s Focus on the Family contributed more than $400,000 to the Yes On 8 Proposition. Other contributors included, the Tupelo, Miss.-based American Family Association ($500,000), and Elsa Prince, ($450,000), mother of Erik Prince, founder of the private security contractor Blackwater Worldwide.

Besides the money another reason proposition 8 passed was the turnout of the minority population. 50% of Latino voters voted for proposition 8. African Americans who came out in big numbers for Obama voted 70% for the ban. The 51% of whites who voted against the ban were not able to make up for the minority vote for the ban.

Latinos are mostly Catholic so they supported their church in the discrimination against gays despite the discrimination Latinos face in the U.S. Mormons who spent big dollars to deny gays the rights of marriage have forgotten their own church history about how they suffered horrible persecution and were driven from state to state. Most gays voting cast ballots for Barak Obama and yet African Americans forgetting about the bigotry they have faced voted to discriminating against gays. In the case of color I believe many African Americans are some of the most religious people so I believe religion is what fosters their homophobia, not skin color

The elecpencil worked at an African American radio station for two years doing a weekly interview show in the mid 1990’s. I interviewed a young African American minister because I admired the work he was doing ministering to prisoners. Because he also worked construction and I am interested in labor issues we talked about minority hiring. I asked him how many minorities were on the large construction job he was presently on. He replied, “Only half a dozen.” I asked, “How many women?” He answered, “Thankfully none as they need to be home making dinner and ironing.” We then got into a heated argument because he didn’t see anything wrong with what he had said.

Another time near Martin Luther King Day I had on a local well-respected African American minister who had marched with MLK. I had seen in the newspaper he was having a meeting with the Promise Keepers. I sited some quotes from Promise Keeper leaders that trashed gays and treated women like subhumans and asked him why he would meet with such hate mongers. He asked me where I got such information. I replied from Promise Keeper literature and the NOW organization and the Gay and Lesbian Task Force. He replied, “Who cares what a bunch of queers and militant feminists have to say.” We got into a heated argument when I replied, “You may have marched with MLK but you surely never listened to him.”

I can tell you that the African Americans at the station took the ministers side and not the elecpencils. I was surprised at how African Americans who have suffered discrimination have no empathy for others suffering discrimination. I had to learn that it had nothing to do as I said with color but had everything to do with the hypocrisy that exists within the Christian faith.

Christian Coalition promises more anti-gay amendments: not so Christian coalition

As far as the Knights of Columbus and other Catholics (and I say this as a former Catholic) they might be better served not electing former cardinals to pope that hid the priest pedophilia problems than worrying about gays marrying. I have a whole tirade to wage against some of the U.S. Catholic Bishops who try to politicize elections. I will save that for later in a discussion about one issue Catholics.

As for now let me say, California by court order had created a bright new age where gay people had equal rights to enter into a loving committed relationship. The passing of Proposition 8 serves to discriminate against citizens of our country who just wanted the same rights of happiness and love as others have.

On a bright note Prop. 8 was opposed at significantly higher rates among California’s youth. According to the Public Policy Institute of California, a poll taken before the election showed that 59 percent of likely voters aged 18 to 34 opposed the anti-gay measure. Maybe the future will be brighter.

Another bright note is that some Mormons are standing up against their churches bigotry against gays: Speaking out

Proposition 8 lies: the lies in Prop 8

Thugs claiming to be Mormons attack protesters: thugs

Gay marriage song; Love Conquers All

It’s About Time Song: In California



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4 responses to “A Message From God No More Bigotry in My Name

  1. susie

    Great blog Jim!
    I have heard on radio such as Thom Hartmann and others that the Mormons are trying to get in with the Christian ultras to rebuild the Republican party for a Mitt Romney run… Check out Thom, he is brilliant and wacky!

    Why not have partners of all mixes enter civil unions and then if you want to bring religion into it – get “married” in your church… We give “the church” too much power.

    And it is sad that people who have been/are oppressed would not see the similarity with the “new” civil rights issue. Also there was a generational bias toward prop 8 – ie many older Californians voted for it. see fivethirtyeight.com prop 8 myths

    And on a positive note (especially with all the money and delusive tactics used) the margin of loss was much less than in past ballot measures. Somewhere I read 22% margin (a measure 4 years ago) vs. 4% for prop 8, but don’t quote me as “Facts are so inconvenient” because I can’t recall them when I need them! :-)

    Thanks for being so radical Jim!

  2. elecpenciljim

    Susie ~ I have Air America in my car and love Tom Hartman along with their other hosts.

    Besides Palin gearing up for 2012 you better believe the Mittster is also.

    As a labor activist I am opposed to the way Romney turned around companies by firing thousands. The man is a menace.

    I have always been baffled by those who suffered bigotry who then practice bigotry on others.

    As our economy and jobs are disappearing I am shocked at how many workers attack workers in other industries who have better wages and health care than them. Those suffering want all to suffer. The powers that be with their souless economic system are laughing their heads off at us attacking one another. In Solidarity.

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  4. elecpencil

    Thanks for that info. It’s very staggering.

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