A Bottom Up Revolution

I get real bogged down in seeing what is wrong in the world and believe me there is plenty wrong. I want to spend the beginning of this New Year’s Day ignoring the problems and talking about the solutions. The solution is in not losing sight of the basic goodness of the people around us. Inspiration for a better world can be found in, children, colleagues, and our families and yes even in the people we may find maddeningly frustrating at times (odds are that they find us maddening also).

Finding inspiration in others is essential to a better world, and to our sanity and salvation. A revolutionary is someone who sees the good in people and their lives. This is the only way to find hope for a better world. Surround yourself with good people and all that goodness will be infectious to others and spread into gentle pains of hope.

You’ll recognize good people because they are not just go-getters but go-givers. Giving is at the heart of what is most essential in the blue print to a better planet. From what we get, we make a living but by what we give we make a life. Forget those bumper stickers like, “He who dies with the most toys wins.” Time to realize there are no pockets in a shroud. As Rousseau said, “ When man dies he carries in his clutched hand only what he has given away.”

Go-getters know rest is rust and go-getters know that real life is in hope, sharing, laughter and work. Go-givers have more love, friendship and brotherhood and sisterhood than they could ever use. That’s why they deposit their extra and collect interest on it by sharing it with others. Dr. Schweitzer said it was not possible for one jungle doctor to relieve all the suffering in the world. So, his advice was for us to concentrate on the lives our lives touch.

If we want to create that better world we have to realize it is the average people who are going to do it. It’s not the politicians, not businessmen, experts and certainly not the elite. We need to get out and meet people and then we’ll find that people share the same values. The more and more like-minded people you meet the more you’ll realize the planet can change. When you’ve gotten enough awareness and involvement you’ve got a movement. When people have enough faith in each other, they are ready to make revolution happen.

I use to wonder how can I have hope and faith for a better world against so many obstacles (I’ll address them in another post when I’m back in rant mode). I found the answer at my job, which involves special needs children. That answer was an Amish girl named, Mary I see in the halls and getting on the bus. Mary is in a wheel chair because one of her feet is actually facing backwards. Mary also flaps her arms constantly and rocks back and forth in her wheelchair and cannot speak. Yet, what stands out to me is that Mary has a smile on her face from the time the bus drops her off to the time she gets back on it.

Any of my troubles seem pretty small next to seeing not only Mary’s smile but the happiness in so many of the special needs kids at the school where I work. Whenever I am overcome with a woe or burden I close my eyes and picture Mary’s smile and my problems seem pretty trivial.

A Go-giver in action

Glass Harp then

Glass Harp now

You must be the change you want to see in the world. ~ Gandhi

Hey folks the Elecpencil doesn’t have all the answers that’s why I have a comments sections so use it and tell me what you think.



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2 responses to “A Bottom Up Revolution

  1. Amen! Well stated and well written.

  2. elecpencil

    Thank you Tristan for taking the time to comment I appreciate that.

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