He Kept Us Safe?

You often hear citizens of other countries say they like the average American they just hate our government and it’s foreign policy. That could all change soon as Joesam the dumber (Joe the plumber) is in Iraq reporting. If foreigners think Joesam represent the average Joe American they are soon going to hate us and think we are some stupid SOB’s (does not stand for swell ole boys).

Here’s  a comment on Joesam that is right on the money: Bashing Joe

Joesam and Sara Palin are the ugly afterbirth of the last election that just won’t go away. Can’t we get Brittany Spears to pop out another kid or Janet Jackson to pop out the other breast at the Super Bowl to get the media to forget about Joesam or Klondike Barbie?

He kept us safe?

Republican talking heads (or in the case of Rush Republican drug heads) are claiming Bush has kept us safe since 9/11. Ok he ignored warnings about 9/11 and cost 2996 lives but they don’t want to talk about that. Let’s be honest Bush has kept some of us safe.  He has kept the top richest people in this country safe from paying taxes. He has kept them safe from driving Mercury’s instead of Mercedes. He has kept then safe from wearing Timex watches instead of Rolex watches. He has kept them safe in penthouses instead of housing projects.

Did Bush keep the 4,209 US service men and women who have been killed in Iraq and the 30,000 wounded safe?  Did he keep the 445 US contractors killed in Iraq safe? Did he keep close to 100,000 Iraqi innocent women and children safe? Bush has damaged our friendships with other nations and has created new enemies jeopardizing our safety. Bush is responsible for ignoring warnings about an attack. That attack led to the war so there never would have been a war if it hadn’t been for the attack he ignored.

Bush apologists want to ignore 9/11 and instead say Bush kept us safe on the homefront since 9/11. Ask the 1836 confirmed dead and 705 still missing in Katrina if Bush kept them safe. How about the 5 people killed and 17 others who were injured in the  anthrax attacks in what was the deadliest use of bio-terrorism on US soil ever?  Did Bush supporters forget that in  October 2002, that D.C. and 15 beltway sites were on alert as sniper attacks by a terrorist from the Nation of Islam went on for three weeks, killing 10 people and injuring 3?

No mention of the failure to provide adequate care to our returning wounded soldiers.  No talk of the $53 trillion dollars we’ve spent on this war which is money that could have been used to the betterment of the USA.

We’ve had so much homefront domestic terrorism; courtesy of Bush we don’t have to worry about terrorism from abroad. We have watched the total collapse of our country within by greedy corporations and lobby beholding politicians of both parties. Politicians that supported trade policies that have devastated our country and under Bush cost us 2.6 million jobs. Bankruptcies are at an all an time high and taxpayers have bailed out financial institutes no questions asked.

Huge job losses, union busting, imprisoning 2 million and bankrupting our citizens is necessary to create a “business-friendly” climate here on the homefront. Our Imperialist foreign policy has been us militarily supporting Third World dictators on behalf of corporate interests.  That policy is coming home to roost as we will soon be a Third World country with sweatshop friendly wages.

Osama bin Laden attacked us to devastate our economy but didn’t succeed. On the other hand the Bush policies were able to devastate our country in ways bin Laden could only have wished to do.

Remember bags of salad mix poisoning people? How about peanut butter now poisoning people? The Food and Drug Administration, inspects only about 1 percent of the imported goods that enter the country each year. The Bush administration failed to protect our environment and us because they weakened our safety standards. We are being poisoned while Laura Bush insisted the White House chef use only organic products. So if your homefront was the White House you were safe.

Bush’s environmental record

Onion satire on Bush

Brian Eno one of my favorite musicians on Gaza: Eno on Gaza

Eno’s How many Worlds

Eno Music: Cindy tells Me

Eno’s Baby’s on Fire

Politicians hide themselves away. They only started the war. Why should they go out into a fight?… They leave that all to the poor.Black Sabbath, “War Pigs


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