Super Bowl Blues

Mr. and Mrs Elecpencil ventured out to see a movie today. We saw, “Slum Dog Millionaire.” It was a love story set in India that we both enjoyed very much. It also touched on poverty, racism, and the economic changes occurring in India. I recommend you check it out. My only complaint is why do theaters have to play the sound so damn LOUD?

Speaking of Mrs. Elecpencil I remember she gave me a test before she would even go out with me. One question I remember was whether I liked cats or dogs better. I replied, “I like dogs better for pets but I’d much rather be a cat than a dog.” I continued, “That’s because cats are more curious than dogs, thus they experience more of the world and also cats unlike dogs serve no master.” Curiosity may kill the cat but maybe that’s why they were given nine lives.

Another question she asked me was, “Do you watch or follow sports?” I told her, “I am not interested in sports as I’d rather be doing something instead of watching sports and that I find all of the sports fanaticism a distraction from the real issues going on in the world.”  I truly believe the powers that be want the American public focused on sports entertainment and not what is happening in our world. With those answers and the Elecpencil’s charm we ended up married with two off springs, owning one dog and two cats that own us.

I do know it’s Super Bowl weekend because the local media has beaten me up with the fact the Steelers are playing. It wasn’t until I read the newspaper today that I learned their opponent was…….shit I forgot and don’t feel like looking for the newspaper.

Watching sports and talking sports with people bores me to death. I tend to get cranky when someone is telling me how many touchdowns Joe Steroid Jr. had last season. I tend to respond, “Have you ever heard of Darfur and what involvement do you think the US government should take there?” I’m sure there are intelligent people who know about sports and Darfur and God love them but I don’t have the time to focus on both. To me football looks like a bunch of choreographed shoving.

I’m not one to easily buy into conspiracies but once I read Dan E Moldea’s book, “Interference” about fixing football games I was convinced NFL Football is as fake as WWF Wrestling. Read the first chapter of Dan’s book here: Interference

What Moldea has endured from the FBI and others from exposing NFL fixed games. Scrutiny

The NFL is itself Fantasy Football

If you’re like me and tired of sports hopla? Here’s a site for us Sports Suck

The Britts get it right on NFL Football

A poem I wrote about Football:

Economic Solutions

The country was near ruin

what with layoffs, plant closings

and globalization and downsizing.

Unemployment was at its highest level

there was more homelessness than ever.

People were threatening to riot.

The government was taking

this threat seriously,

they had visions of the French Revolution

complete with guillotine.

They called for an economic summit.

Everything the economist suggested

had already failed in the past.

Then one stated there are no answers

to the plight of the people,

all we can do is distract them,

make them think about something else

other than their poverty and misery.

Thus it was decreed

federal tax dollars would be sent

to states with the highest unemployment.

Then that state

would use the federal money

to buy the very best

football players available

for the state’s pro team.

So hopefully the poorest states

could have the best teams.

Then the football season

would be extended year round.

When people pick up their

last unemployment check

to keep them from being angry,

they would be given team clothing

and a couple of free tickets to a game.

At one point when people threatened to riot,

National Guard troops were deployed.

They were armed only

with megaphones

and they calmed the crowds

by yelling,

“How about those Steelers?”

The crowd was dispersed

With chants of we’re #1.

All in all

the economic plan

worked like a charm.

Jackson Browne For America

Lives in the Balance

“[O. J. has] an uncanny instinct for sensing when to make the move, when to make the cut. He can kill you with a head fake, he can kill you with the swiftness of his legs and the ability to be in a direction at any single second. He also kills you with his variation of speed… (on some of the ways O. J. Simpson can kill) ~ Howard Cosell

Anybody who watches three games of football in a row should be declared brain dead. ~ Erma Bombeck

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