Big Brother and Missing Joe

Congats to the Ghost Kelly Pavlik!

I had a very kind lady send me info saying that I should ask folks to use the RSS feed link I have on my site. She gave me the following RSS info

I ask that you read the info and click on my RSS link and sign on to get my blog automatically when I update. ~ Thank You ~ the Elecpencil

Also with this blog I am trying to encourage people who like myself find it hard to have the time and energy to be an activist to still continue the fight via e-mail. To do this check out my, Armchair Activist Link, which I will keep updated with the latest actions, you can take from your keyboard. Fight the power with your PC! Power to the motherboard!

Every time I post my blog I try to put some songs by musicians from the past and present that deserve to be heard more. I also have a list of singer/songwriters that do political music, which is my favorite music. Check them out!

After all my bitching about the Warren Tribune at this site two posts back, the Tribune published a letter I sent over a week ago in today’s edition. It was a letter saying, that the editor attacked Gov. Strickland on education without having his facts in order. I think they only published it because after it they had two letters attacking Strickland for talking about raising user fees.

I’m not here to just point out problems but to seek answers for them. The politicians in Warren Ohio are claiming they want to get city traffic to obey the speed limits. They’d like to do what Girard Ohio did and bring in traffic cameras. The Elecpencil isn’t a speeder but he hates Big Brother’s all seeing eye, which is where the cameras fall.

Next thing you know those cameras will take our entire private acts in public away such as this private act

I avoided Girard the whole time they had these cameras as I hear many people did. Girard merchants complained that business was off and Girard had a lawsuit against the cameras. Warren should have learned from Girard but the cameras aren’t really about slowing traffic down they are about having a “Cash cow with golden milk.” For now Warren seems to have put the idea on hold.

What is the answer to slow down traffic? Why not look at what other areas have done to see what works and use that idea. Here is something that is working in Denmark we could use. Dane speeding answer This answer could actually bring business to Warren!

I present the Elecpencil’s Sunday Show

Jail House Rock

A conservative must have

Funny new HBO Sunday show

GOP Jesus

You can’t even give money away

Top Gear on BBC can be very funny as in this episode in Alabama

Mayor tells it like it is but FOX NEWS doesn’t want to hear it

Damn I miss Joe. No not that Dick, Joe the Plumber but Joe Strummer.

Johnny Appleseed

Get Down Moses

Keys to Your Heart

“Authority is supposedly grounded in wisdom, but I could see from a very early age that authority was only a system of control and it didn’t have any inherent wisdom. I quickly realised that you either became a power or you were crushed.” ~ Joe Strummer


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