Hypocrites and Beliefs

Watching CSPAN this weekend I caught part of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). I get a big chuckle out of hearing speakers like Newt Gingrich who has been married three times address conservative so called, “family values” types. The last CPAC speaker was Rush the “Stoner” Limbaugh. For years Rush has said, drug users should be jailed but was hypocritical when he was caught. I just love seeing the do as I say not as I do conservatives.

When Rush spoke at CPAC he said, “Liberals can’t tell you what they believe.” Most liberals I know could easily give you a long list of beliefs. They also could tell you they believe in living those beliefs unlike conservative hypocrites.

El Drugo Limbaugh here are just some of my beliefs. I believe  that supporting our veteran’s means giving them the best medical care we can. I believe that soldier’s parents should not have to buy them body armor the government should.  I believe we shouldn’t  sacrifice our young in wars to benefit the military industrial complex and Wall Street. I believe that presidents who used any excuse not to be drafted and have never seen the carnage of war should not be commander-in-chief during times of war.

I believe that energy company lobbyists shouldn’t write our energy policies; drug company lobbyists shouldn’t write out health care policies and credit card company lobbyists shouldn’t write our bankruptcy policies. I believe our representatives should represent us not global corporations. I believe that all work should have dignity, be creative,  valued and done with pride. I believe that jobs for Americans should not be exported in bad trade policies. I believe that giving all our jobs to China is not a good idea.

I believe that higher education should be a priority. I believe that it is stupid for politicians to propose budgets that cut college loans. I believe we should not violate peoples’ rights that are established in our constitution. I believe that we should not help brutal Third World dictators just because they will be “friendly” to global corporations.  I believe that we should not train these dictators’ death squads at Ft. Benning Georgia. I believe that after we supported these dictators for years it is hard for us to then say we want to bring democracy to Third World peoples and have them believe us. I believe American cannot tell the rest of the world how to live because we have money and guns on our side. I believe that U.S. corporate interests should not drive foreign policy.

I believe in destroying the divisions that the powers that be love to exploit, especially those based on class, gender, race and culture. I believe in a just and pluralistic society where diversity is cherished, freedom is secured, and power is shared.

I believe that a basic American ethical value should be caring for the poor and vulnerable. I believe that federal and state budgets should be moral documents that include: fairness opportunity and security for all. I believe budgets should show we care more about people’s welfare and less about warfare. I believe our elected leaders are responsible to listen to our calls for justice – and to stand up for moral priorities for the common good. I believe in legislation that is pro-worker and pro-family. I believe we are caretakers of the Earth and should work towards a clean planet for our children. I believe we should listen to scientific research not corporate research that denies corporate responsibility.

I believe we should have the best health care in the world for all our citizens. I believe in a whole lot more but I believe I’ll stop here. These are not extremist, ultra-liberal ideas and beliefs unless like Rush your bread is buttered by corporations.

Keb Mo A Brand New America

I’m On Your Side

“Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, they shall have their fill” (Mt 5:6). The bible does not condemn prosperity; it just insists that it be shared.


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