Treat it Like You Own it (Because You Do)

I watch CSPAN’s TV call in show every weekday between 7-7:30 am. The other day the question of the day was, “What do you think your community should do with its share of stimulus money?”  A caller from Warren, Ohio called in to say, that the police chief of Warren was caught on tape beating a woman. He went on to say that all of the politicians in Warren are crooks so Warren should not get any money.

In my view our valley has plenty of outside media come visit and beat us up in print which helps chase away any company that might want to locate in our area. Now I have to hear our own citizens calling national shows to give us a black eye. I’m not saying police chiefs and politicians who are suspected of doing wrong should not be investigated. What I’m saying is if I had been the host on CSPAN I would have asked the caller from Warren a few questions. First I’d ask, instead of calling a national show what are you doing in Warren to help stop corruption? I ask whether the caller has ever attended a Warren City Council meeting? If he hasn’t I’d ask does he even know what time of the month city hall meetings are held? I’d ask him have you sought out any local organizations that want to end corruption and improve Warren? I’d ask him have you written a letter to the Warren Tribune Chronicle expressing your views on making Warren a better town? Of course all those things take getting off your ass and actually trying to do something. I guess it’s easier to just call into a national TV show anonymously and bitch.

I’ve heard people bitch about their school districts also and when I ask them if they attend school board meetings they answer they don’t know when they are. They also have no idea who their school board members are. Of course a call to the local school would get them all that info but it’s easier to just complain to a friend who can’t help you than to an actual school board member who could.

People the Elecpencil is trying to tell you that you own your schools and towns and you are treating them like an absentee landlord. If you wanted to be an absentee landlord you would wisely hire a manager to represent you by watching over your property. You’d expect your manager to do a good job because you paid him/her a good wage. If your properties were going to Hell under his watch you’d fire his ass I’m betting. Well, the politicians in your area and the folks that work at schools etc. are your managers working to represent you. If you don’t attend city hall, trustee meetings or school board meetings you are telling those you hired to represent you that you approve of the job they are doing on your behalf.

When I was a kid I heard older people say, “You can’t fight city hall.” Now I say as an adult that is B.S. because I am city hall. Next time someone is complaining about city hall ask them as an owner of city hall what they are going to do about it. Complacency and anonymous calls to radio and TV shows just doesn’t cut it.

Hey Mister Can You Tell Me


“The only one who can tell you ‘you can’t’ is you. And you don’t have to listen.”~ Unknown


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