Eye Am Not Your Benefactor

We can learn a lot from our elders. That’s why I want you to check out a blog I just added to my blog roll. It’s called, “Meander With Me.” Mary it’s author is almost 90 and can express the problems the Elecpencil has with religious fanatics far better than I can. Mary is also a very darn good poet and April is poetry month so check out her blog!

This morning I was watching CSPAN as I was dressing for work. The host answered a call on their republican lines  from an elderly man so angry I thought he’d stroke out. He said, “I am opposed to any form of a national health care system.” The host asked, “Does your employer provide you with health care?” The caller answered, “No I am retired and on Medicare.” I always like a big dose of hypocrisy as I head off to work, as I like to never forget I share the highways with such pinhead hypocrites. Being fully aware of  that fact makes me  a more cautious driver.

Speaking of health care let me tell you about my experience since last week. Last Monday I went to my eye doctor because my right eye has been bloodshot and sore for a week. My eye doctor’s office has three doctors in it and I can end up with either one of the three depending on what day I have an appointment as they all work different days. Monday I saw the oldest male doc. Doc said, “You have a scratch on your eye and now have an ulcer in it. The good news is it’s out of your line of vision and treatable.” He gave me a prescription for steroid eye drops. He said I should dispense one drop every hour and come back in tomorrow. I paid my $20 co-pay and made an appointment.

On the way home I stopped at our township’s pharmacy (locally owned not a chain) and paid $20 for the drops. Tuesday morning back at the doctors I see a younger male doctor. He says, “Take the drops every four hours and come back Thursday.” I pay another $20 co-pay and make an appointment for Thursday afternoon. Thursday I see the older male doc again who says my eye looks better but I need to come back Monday. I pay my $20 co-pay and make an appointment for late afternoon. At this point I realize I have spent my Easter vacation pretty much at the eye doctor’s office.

Monday after work I see a younger woman doctor. She says, “I had lunch with the other two doctors today and they filled me in on your case.” She adds, “Keep taking the drops and come back Wednesday.” I pay my $20 co-pay and once again make an appointment for after work.

On the way home I got to thinking about all of my appointments. I realized I had pretty much been the only patient in the waiting room every time I went. There had been some people but they were mostly seeing the woman who repairs eyeglasses. Even though there seemed to be no patients before or after me I was kept waiting 30 minutes in the outer office and about 30 minutes waiting each time in the exam room.

I realized then that business is slow so the eye doctor’s office has devised an economic plan for sharing the workload instead of laying anyone off. As a labor activist I applaud such a plan that shares what little work there is. On the other hand as I seem to be the docs only patient I should have some input into this plan. That input is to tell the three docs I can’t keep coming into the office three times a week. I’m glad I was able to help the doctors keep their practice going but I don’t make much money so these eye doctors have picked the wrong “Cash Cow.” Besides not having the money I don’t really have the time to spend so much of my life in a doctor’s office. One more thing also I would ask the doctor trio is, “Damn if I’m your only patient why do you guys keep me waiting for an hour before you see me? “

Hey docs see you Wednesday and if you ask me to come in again my co-pay checks are going to start bouncing.

Latest update: At today’s appointment the oldest doc gave me a second prescription that cost $20 bucks at my local pharmacy. I paid a $20 co-pay to the eye doc and have to go back next Tuesday.  I’d say I’m being nickeled and dimed to death but everything cost $20.  I think because I only have one good eye at the moment they think they can pull the wool over on me pretty easy.

The Saw Doctors This is Me

Good News

No doctor is better than three.  ~German Proverb


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