Poetic Justice

April is poetry month so I wanted to get a poem I wrote in before the month was up.

Poetic Justice

Mick, wop, dago, spick,

nigger, chink, wet back,

squaw, gook, zipper head,

rag head, Jew bastard.

Pretty vile terms for most

but Betty’s daily language.

She just needed someone

to blame for her failures.

Her racist language and hate

drove away a husband

and her daughter Anna

refused to let

the Grandkids

near her anymore.

Anna had barely survived

growing up in such

a racist household

she certainly wasn’t going to expose

her children to such verbal poisons.

Being consumed with so much hate

took its toll on Betty’s health.

One’s brain and heart eventually fail

when force-feed so many toxins.

Betty’s family wanted no part of her so

she ended up in a county nursing home.

The irony is now the only ones

who daily talk to her

are a black nurse

named Helen who

changes her bed pan

and wipes her ass

and a Hispanic nurse

named, Lupita who does

the same on afternoon turn.



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