A Quick Note

Mrs. Elecpencil accompanied me to the Oakland Center last Saturday to see the musical, “Reefer Madness.” A friend who produces plays in the Warren area accompanied us. She loved the play as did the Mrs. and I. It was laugh out loud funny and I think you should see it. The Elecpencil doesn’t endorse  many things so when he says it’s good you best believe it. I won’t tell you anything about it as I expect you to go see it. Last Saturday it was sold out and they had to add seats. Fifteen people had to be turned away and the good folks at the Oakland gave them discount tickets for this coming Friday or Saturday May 15 and 16.

Call 330-746-0404 for reservations TODAY! Friday/Saturday at 8 pm with a special MIDNITE show Saturday.

Also check out the Oakland on my blog under Entertainment.

Before the play we stopped at Charlie Staples and had some Chicken BBQ that was first rate. Check it out and see if you don’t agree!

The music from Reefer Madness which I think the Oakland did even better: Reefer Madness

Clip from the 1937 propaganda movie

FDR: A little orphan girl once told me that the sun would come outtom Her adopted father was a powerful billionaire so I suppressed the urge to laugh in her face, but now, by gum, I think she may have been on to something!


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