Debunking B.S.

The History Channel had on a show about the world ending in 2012. This is according to Nostradamus and the Mayan calender. Here are the top ten predictions by Nostradamus debunked. Here is the Mayan calender doomsday debunked. The world is not going to end in 2012 as it did not end in 2000.

Remember 2000 and that craziness about Y2K. I ran across this recently which made me think about that.

For a poetry reading on New Years Eve of 2000 I read this poem I had written for the event:

When a Problem Becomes a Solution

In the course of my lifetime,

the United States government and military

have waged war in Korea,

Vietnam,, Libya, Grenada, Panama,

the Gulf, Somalia, and Bosnia.

plus the cold war and undeclared war

on the poor, the homeless, the working class,

minorities and unionist.

They’ve also backed repressive regimes

in Latin America, Africa, Greece,

the Philippines and Asia.

They tried to kill Castro, and assassinated Allende in Chile,

and maybe even Kennedy and King.

They had the McCarthy witch hunt

and murdered students at Kent State.

One of our presidents was involved in a burglary.

another sold weapons to our enemies to fund an illegal war.

Some say he was our greatest president,

which sends shivers down my spine.

We’ve witnessed pollution, ozone depletion,

radioactive waste, nuclear buildup,

racism, sexism, homophobia,

thieving politicians, an unjust judicial system

and do as I say not as I do spiritual leaders.

We’ve had the advent of: serial killers, sky jackings,

school and workplace shootings, suicide cults and crack babies.

Drug addicts are no longer treated they are incarcerated

unless they happen to be running for political office.

We’ve had savings and loan failures

where tax payers picked up the bills.

Now the financial sector is lobbying to end Social Security,

so the money can be diverted to Wall Street.

Last bastions of hope like the hippies

the peace and love bohemians

of Haight and Ashbury Street

have turned into the BMW (Big Money Wasted) driving

yuppie stockbrokers of Wall Street.

Now on the edge of a new millennium we’re told

our greatest fear is a computer glitch called Y2K.

They claim it will devastate the functions

of the government, the military and financial institutes.

Which leads me to ask,

Is that really such a bad thing?

Elvis Costello Waiting On the End of the World

Herman’s Hermits End of the World

I know, I know you were expecting REM.

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.”~ Richared Bach

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One response to “Debunking B.S.

  1. sleekmason

    The individual items that you “debunk” add up to a totality that calls for further inspection. Here is one start point based on hundreds of hours of research. I don’t believe debunking this concept is possible, even though the exact accuracy isn’t necessarily correct. It is indeed feasable, points in a direction of solution, and allows for everything we currently believe.

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