Blog Update:10 Best Cities to Start a Business / Fairy Tales by Talk Show Callers

Blog Update:

This August’s Entrepreneur magazine boldly promotes the feature story “The 10 Best Cities to Start a Business” and Youngstown Ohio made the list!

The factors the magazine cited in ranking Youngstown so high: a dynamic congressman, and energetic young mayor, exciting and thriving tech ventures like YBI portfolio company Turning Technologies, and the Youngstown Business Incubator.

This proves that the Elecpencil was right when he said in yesterday’s post that our area unions in no way scare off businesses that might want to locate in our area. Score one the Elecpencil and a zero for the areas anti-union radio talk show callers. I give you yesterday’s post:

Fairy Tales by Talk Show Callers

You’ve all heard the corporate tools and small businessmen who call our local radio talk shows and say this, “The unions in this area are too strong and that’s why companies won’t locate here.” To that the Elecpencil says, “Horseshit.”

I’m the most union guy around but these unions around here are the best friends companies ever had. Take the IUE at Delphi for instance who voted for contracts over the years that have set up two and three tiered wages. Hell, a contract with a fourth tier almost passed. For newly hired workers that have to do the same jobs for less and never reach wage parody tiers should be spelled “Tears.” Does someone think these lower wage workers pay any less for gas, groceries or utilities?

The USWA I once belonged to pushed so many concessionary contracts on steel plants that we workers went from being called, “Joe Sixpacks” to “Joe Twopacks” or from “Joe Bag of Donuts” to “Joe Bag of Donut Holes” if you prefer. So I find myself wishing unions had just 10% of the strength that talk radio callers imagine. I also find my self wishing I had 10% of the free time these talk show callers do so I could call talk radio and counter their fairy tales.

The other thing I wish is that these anonymous anti-union callers who own businesses would tell me the name of their business so my union butt wouldn’t cross their doorstep. Truth is they don’t have the nads to say the name of their sweatshop.

As for businesses who are suppose to be afraid of our big strong unions and won’t locate here let me note that Wal-Mart just located in Liberty Ohio and has other stores in our valley. They don’t care about our unions just how much corporate welfare communities can throw at them to get them to set up shop.

I talked to a young fellow who just got hired at the new Wal-Mart in Liberty. He had to pass four separate interviews and a drug test before being hired for this job that pays barely above minimum wage. I asked him, “On which day  did Wal-Mart make you watch their anti-union movie?” He replied, “On the first day I was hired.” He also said they gave new workers a whole spiel on how green Wal-Mart is. He said, “The spiel contained such a small effort of being green that the newly hired workers had to bite their lips to keep from laughing out loud.”

More low paying jobs selling Chinese sweatshop goods is just what our area doesn’t need. Who’s got an answer about what is economically happening in our country and what can we as individuals do about it? I will be posting a video  later in the week that I think gets to the heart of the matter.

Sweatshop Union: Thing About It

Human Race

With all their faults, trade unions have done more for humanity than any other organization of men that ever existed. They have done more for decency, for honesty, for education, for the betterment of the race, for the developing of character in man, than any other association of men.

Clarence Darrow

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