Solution People

I have links on my site like: the Mahoning Watershed Timebank, Freecycle, Hands On Volunteer Network and the Armchair Activist because I feel  they provide for changes that can make for a better community and a better world.

For the betterment of our planet we also need to think about whether we really need of all of the things we purchase. Do we need a Hummer or a four wheel drive vehicle here in NE Ohio for the six days of winter we get enough snow to even bother shoveling? Do we need a McMansion to live in with rooms we’ll never use? Do you really need so much bling in your life?

The Elecpencil has been accused of being such a pessimist that if he smells flowers he looks around for a casket.  Truth is I’m trying hard to be an optimist because I think it is better for ones health. I believe that the individual person provides the antidote for a better world. When I see people who are racist, people who bash illegal immigrants, and the recent example of the “birthers” who question where President Obama was born I know people can also be the problem. I tend to believe these problem people are outweighed by the solution people.

Whenever solution people do something for others without expecting anything in return  they are doing a revolutionary act that is counter to our system.  When you have helped others without expecting anything in return you have inspired them to do the same. I know this is a slow revolution but it is a revolution none the less and one that can work because it’s one where we can all be leaders.

The movie, “Play it Forward” got at the heart of this kind of revolution. Here is a preview of the movie: Pay it Forward

Think a young kid could only make the world better in the movies?

Five year-old girl feeds 18,000

Think such a idea as, “Play it Forward” can’t work? See: Pittsburgh to Chicago

It’s all about good Samaritans: Kidney

Maybe those are to big of a scale for you so how about this: Gasoline

Rascal Flatts: My Wish

Playing for Change: One Love

Wherever you find injustice, the proper form of politeness is attack.

~T Bone Slim

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