Even the Poor Need a Night Out

I know I spend a lot of time here talking about politics. That is because the things my state and federal “representatives” do so influences my kids future and things aren’t looking good in that situation.  Today instead I need to take a break and  talk about how lucky we are to live in this area.  I need to do more praising of the businesses and venues we are lucky to have in our valley.

Last night Mr. and Mrs. Elecpencil along with two ladies who happen to be a couple of our area’s finest teachers went to take in dinner and a play. We started out by going to Barry Dyngles for dinner. The wife had the BBQ Ribs and Chicken dinner which is what we usually get when we dine there while the Elecpencil had pulled pork. Our friends had a steak and some ribs. All of us were very happy with our meals and the prompt friendly service.  Our baked potatoes could have been fresher and I should have remembered to get their excellent baked beans instead. Barry’ Dyngles features Armadillos award winning BBQ sauce if you remember the late Armadillos in Boardman and Austintown. Their dinner salad was nice sized and very good They have a ton of beers to select from to suit any taste.

I was able to use an $8 off coupon that was in my entertainment book which came in handy for my broke ass. I’m so poor without the coupon I would have had to lick someone else’s fingers.

We are lucky to have Barrys along with other great BBQ joints like Staples and the Royal Oaks. I’ve eaten many times at each and all three get the Elecpencil’s highest review of ten sticky fingers! Don’t be caught dead in a chain restaurant when we have such excellent area owned restaurants.

Next we headed down to Cedars which had three bands playing. Where else are you going to hear three bands for a mere $5. I had taken vows of poverty a decade ago to do the service sector job I now do. I love my job but it does make going out and having a nice time difficult. I was sad to see that Cedars no longer carries my beloved Straub Beer on Draft or even in the bottle. We really only had time to see the first band called, “The Psychic Assassins” who featured three different singers on lead which made for an interesting variety of sound. While mostly young folks were in attendance there were enough older folks about to not make me feel my age. Hey we never get to old to rock!

While in the bathroom I saw carved in to the wall, “Get out of Youngstown.” It made me think about how people don’t appreciate what great things we have here in our valley. The two teachers who accompanied us had not been in downtown Youngstown for quite a while and were stunned at seeing so many people lined up outside various nightclubs  at 11:30 at night.

We headed over to the Oakland Theater for the Arts to see the midnight showing of, “The Great American Trailer Park Musical.” We learned that the 8 PM show had sold out and I’d say the midnight show had about two-thirds of the theater full. What do I know about reviewing plays? Not much but by damn all four of us and the rest of the audience laughed our fanny’s off so that means it doesn’t get much better. Great songs, great singing, great cast, great directing, and a wonderful set. It’s amazing that this venue gets everything done with volunteers which speaks highly of our community.

One of the teachers with us directs plays and she gave it a still BBQ sticky two thumbs up. I was lucky enough to have won two free complimentary tickets so it was really a Greattttttt event! Truth is I would have paid big bucks to have seen this show but  I’m so damn poor even a Republican would give me welfare.

This play is over but I encourage you to go to their website and attend any of their events and you’ll be damn glad you did. If you won’t take my word for it the Oakland is having their: Third Annual Free Open House/Season Announcement Party August 29 from 6-9 pm. They will feature acts from their upcoming shows.

As I said we are damn lucky to live in this area with the entertainment and restaurants we have not to mention the great and kind folks who call this area home.

Don’t you dare say there is nothing to do around here. You can check links on my blog under: Valley Entertainment Info and find plenty to do. Well, that’s my two cents which is more money than I thought I had.

Bobby Blue Bland:  Poverty


“The poor man is not he who is without a cent, but he who is without a dream.” ~ Harry Kemp



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2 responses to “Even the Poor Need a Night Out

  1. Thanks so much for the kind words and wonderful review! We definitely appreciate it! Our volunteers are among the greatest people in the Valley – I don’t know who else would happilt sacrifice their time to scrub toilets, paint sets at 10 pm, or sell 50/50 tickets at midnight! Cheers to all who have helped us out whether it be in the form of sweat and sacrfice or dragging along 2 friends to make up for the cost of their comped tickets ;)

  2. elecpencil

    You’re more than welcome and I admire everyone at the Oakland for bringing something different to our area. My kids future is brighter knowing that the young people in our valley are committed to making this a better community. Thanks again.

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