A Call for: Tips for Newbies

I hate how some of our area people talk discouragingly about life in the Mahoning Valley. We need to be reminded from time to time about  all the things that make this area great. A few weeks ago I saw this story in the Warren Tribune about a visitor to Warren that couldn’t believe how kind the area was to him.

On a similar note a family that has just recently moved here and loves it couldn’t believe how area folks talk down about our valley. In the past the Elecpencil has declared that some of these families that settle here become our biggest advocates because they are looking at the area with fresh eyes. I love how  some of these people really throw their spirit into making this a better  community. These new pioneers become our biggest assets!

The family that just became new members of our community have set up a blog called, “A Shiny New Life in the Rust Belt” I think you’ll like the blog and I have added it to my blog roll. They are certainly a welcome addition to our section of the Rust Belt.

I’d also like you to check out a new blog I added called, “Margaret and Helen.” I think we are never to old to learn and we can all learn from our elders. These two ladies dispense a world of wisdom with plenty of humor. What more could you ask for? Well, maybe, someway you could help change the world without being Atlas and taking the whole planets problems physically on your back. I’ve got that for you with my always fresh Armchair Activist section.  It only takes less than a minute to sign each call to action and you won’t feel exhausted from doing it and you’ll have made a difference in the world!

In my next post I will give our new Rust Belt Residents info they can use. I’m talking about where to shop, things to see, where to eat, etc.  Send me your tips on favorite local pizza shops, best hardware stores, best plumber, electrician, furniture store, best recreational sites, things not to miss and places and services to aid our newbies. I’m counting on all of you so don’t make me do this alone.

We are a community which means “common unity” and we are always better together.

Jack Johnson sings it: Better When We’re Together

Upside Down

A home is not a place, it is a people. ~ Lois McMaster Bujold



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2 responses to “A Call for: Tips for Newbies

  1. Where to start? My Web site exists because I think there’s so many wonderful things to do and see in the area! Here’s a list of some of my immediate thoughts on this:

    – The Soda Shop in Mercer
    – The Hot Dog Shop in Warren
    – Das Dutch Village in Columbiana
    – The National Packard Museum’s annual show
    – Firestone Park in Columbiana
    – Anything offered at Mill Creek Park
    – Shows at the Youngstown Playhouse
    – Boating at Mosquito Lake or Lake Milton
    – Pondi’s Restaurant in Lisbon is the BEST!!
    – Coke Ovens in Leetonia
    – Summer Festival of the Arts at YSU
    – Local foods: Quaker Steak Wings (at the original, in Sharon, of course!), pierogies, Wedding Soup, Brier Hill pizza and all of our ethnic cookies
    – Mocha House is a good source of those cookies
    – Adult Skate at Boardman’s rink
    – See the kitten tree at Angels for Animals (newly opened 40 hours a week!)
    – Kraynak’s for Christmas
    – Daffins for Easter
    – The Ghost Walk in Warren
    – Youngstown Symphony
    – YSU planetarium’s FREE shows
    – Handel’s Ice Cream
    – The Scrappers (Cleveland Indians farm team)
    – Free movies at the Covelli Centre on Monday nights
    – Free family movies at Regal in Austintown (Tuesday morning, I think)
    – Butler Institute of American Art
    – Children’s Museum downtown
    – First Night Youngstown
    – Canfield Fair

    … I’ll stop there for now. There’s so much to do and see here!

  2. elecpencil

    Katie ~ That is a great list and thank you so much! I know all those except Pondi’s and the Coke Ovens in Leetonia. I’d agree with the rest of the list except I’m not a fan of wings at the Lube as there is better wings in the area. Thanks for taking the time as everyone else is being a deadbeat about helping with a list for newbies.

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