Help Spread the Welcome Mat

I promised this post to  list some of our valley’s best businesses and services. This would be something that could aid any new neighbors that are settling in our valley. I asked for your help in suggesting some and only Katie was kind enough to send along a list (see  under comments in my last post).  Since hers was the only one I received I’m going to ask again and wait until next post to form a list.

I need you to think about suggesting the best business you’ve dealt with for categories such as the following: Realtors, home repair, plumber, electrician, roofer, window and siding companies, garage doors, hardware store, lumber yards,  furniture store,  carpeting and flooring, carpet cleaners, auto mechanic, tire sales, brake and exhaust work, barber, beautician, doctor, lawyer, dentist, best clothing shop, best department store, best shoe store,  best cleaners, best antique store, best thrift store, grocer, meat store, fruit supplier, candy store, florist, flea market, pizza shop, best hamburger, best ethnic food, best wings, best fish dinner, best church food, best BBQ, best breakfast, best lunch, best buffet, best coffee shop, best ice cream, best vegetarian restaurant, best salad, best steak, best bar, unique stores, unique sites not to miss, art venues, music  venues, organizations,  etc.

I realize I should have given the above categories last time and I ask you to send me something even if it is just one suggestion from any category. Post it in my comment section or e-mail it to me.

A list like this is needed because think about how you find out about a community when you are visiting it. How do you learn something about that community? For me I usually pick up a local newspaper or if I’ve already arrived at my destination I watch the local news. Would you want a visitor to get an impression of our valley by those methods? I think not. First off local news shows tend to open with a, “If it bleeds it leads” format which never shows communities in a good light.

As far as newspapers the days of local newspapers are pretty much gone. I get the Warren Tribune and everyday when I read  the editorial page I ask myself why I still subscribe to this corporate owned rag. The ultra-conservative syndicated columnists certainly don’t represent our community. The local editor doesn’t represent our valley when he writes columns taking great delight when any area workforce takes a big concessionary contract.

On August 27, 2009 a front page article from the wire service exclaimed, “Cash for Clunkers under budget with 690,000 sales.” It contained the following quotes : “The popular Cash for Clunkers program generated nearly 700,000 new car sales during the past month, giving the U.S. auto industry a badly needed jolt of activity during the deepest decline in auto sales in two decades.” “It proved far more popular than lawmakers originally thought. Congress added another $2 billion to the original $1 billion budget when the first pot of money nearly ran out in a week.”  “The Toyota Corolla was the most popular new vehicle purchased under the program. The Honda Civic, Toyota Camry and Ford Focus held the next three top spots. All four are built in the United States.” “Manufacturing plants have added shifts and recalled workers. Moribund showrooms were brought back to life and consumers bought fuel-efficient cars that will save them money and improve the environment,” said Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.”

What would the normal person make of that article? It would be that  “Cash for Clunkers” was such a success that the money had to be tripled because the plan was liked by consumers and beneficial to auto dealers. The article was on the front page of the Warren Tribune Chronicle and continued on page three.

A couple of pages later the editor writes a column titled, “Car, health programs are real clunkers.” This lets me know the editor has not even read the front page of his newspaper. That leaves we thinking that if the editor doesn’t read the newspaper he works at why should I?

In his editorial the editor  says, ” We have a way to examine the proposition that government can do things better. It is the ”Cash for Clunkers” program, which ended this week.” He ended by saying, ” If this is an example of how government does things efficiently, we think most Americans are going to conclude that Obama’s health care program is, well, a clunker.” To be fair in between he say that dealers had quite a bit of paper work to do and that their checks had not come yet from the government. I’m sorry but to sell 700,000 cars I’m sure they didn’t mind the paper work and that’s what they  already pay a guy to do. As far as waiting on a check I don’t get my tax refund very quickly either. I note that corporations are even slower as I’ve waited for rebates from some for months on end.

So I’m saying the Tribune is a pathetic rag and their editor is a moronic corporate puppet who only sees the government as being evil and worships corporations as his god. He’s all, profits before people which is far from the mentality of our community. He’s just a corporate employee who knows where his bread is buttered.  I certainly wouldn’t want a visitor to our community to think we collectively think like the editor at the Tribune who doesn’t even read his front page.

In our modern times I think communities aren’t just judged by their newspapers and TV stations. I know when I am visiting a community I turn to the Internet. I find sites that list places to see, restaurants etc.  that  local people have commented on. I also read blogs about the place I am visiting to find out the best the area has to offer. That is what I am trying to do by making up a list of the best of our valley. I also would like the list to help welcome newbies that have settled in our community to be able to find goods and services that area residents think highly of. That way when a newbie or visitor searches the Internet for things in the valley to enjoy this list will be available. I welcome your two cents as part of the welcome committee.

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Welcome to Wherever You Are

“Life is not about the things that you could have done, but of what that can be still done.”   Author (Jonathan Danieli)

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