Holding Hostages

Did you ever watch PBS when they are doing their fund raising? They tend to have their best shows on and I get ticked when they break away to raise money. To me they are holding the show I am watching hostage until someone pays a ransom. That is kind of what I am doing. I promised to publish a list of the best things our area has to offer. I wanted to put this list out to help people who might be visiting or moving to our valley. I have not put the list out because I have twice asked for your help and not received much.  I am asking a third time.

Come on my fellow residents of the Mahoning Valley surely there are things you love about our community.

Let me give you an example. The weekend before last I ventured out with three friends. We went to see the free open house at the Oakland Theater for the Arts.  A nice crowd came to see scenes from their upcoming shows. I can tell you there is not one that didn’t interest the Elecpencil! Because of my limited funds (due to my vows of poverty) I will be hard pressed to pick the few I will be able to afford to attend. I am not saying it is expensive to attend the plays I am just saying I am dirt poor. Check out the link to the Oakland under Valley Entertainment Info on this page.

After the great show at the Oakland we wondered over to the Lemon Grove.  We came early enough to get an upfront table to see the nights entertainment. There was tap dancing, interpretive dance, singing and rap recited to the backing of a violinist.  How were the acts? They sounded great but I didn’t get to see them. Why not you ask? Well, late comers decided to stand up and block the view of those  who had come early to get a good seat.

The Elecpencil prides himself on being a man of peace. On the other hand I also love a quote by IWW unionist T Bone Slim. Slim said,  “Wherever you find injustice, the proper form of politeness is attack.” I was definitely out number but if I had a stun gun I would have zapped a few folks just to clear a small path so I could see.  I don’t mean a long cruel zap where someone flaps on the floor for several minutes. I don’t want to create a spectacle to take away from the entertainment. I am talking about a medium size zap that would have Mr. I Make a Better Door Than a Window drive his beer bottle deeply into his forehead. I want him to say, “Don’t tase me again bro I ‘m  moving.”  For many of us our parents taught us manners. For those who didn’t learn any there is the taser!

The Lemon Grove is a beautiful place with some great drinks so check it out.

Send me your favorite area places as a ransom or you may never see my list of best places alive on this blog.

For Labor Day I offer the following poem I wrote a few years back.

Body Snatchers

An Unsolved Crime

Working in the coal mines

was the only work available.

Joe started there as a young man,

he died at middle age

as an old man.

He left his family next to nothing

because next to nothing

was what he was paid.

What he got out of the mine

was arthritis

from the dampness,

a curved spine

from the low ceilings,

blindness from the darkness,

deafness from the drills

and black lungs

from the dust.

Everyday he left work

a company guard checked

his lunch bucket and thermos.

As if he was the one

who was the thief.

Strawbs: Union Man

Mike Stout: We the People

Only a fool would try to deprive working men and working women of their right to join the union of their choice. ~Dwight D. Eisenhower


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