Rugged Individual Revisionist History

I am not getting any suggestions for an article I want to write called, “Best of the Valley.” So instead I will resort back to complaining about politics.

In Monday’s  Warren Tribune I read about the Sunday, September 13 tea bagger party in Warren Oh attended by about 75 people.  The Trib reported that the organizers started with a  tribute to America’s armed forces, veterans and police and firefighters. They then began speeches that were a tirade against the government. The last time I looked the armed forces, police and firefighters are part of the government.

Dr. Charles McGowen, an internal medicine practitioner said, ”America has elected its first socialist president in (Barack) Obama.” Attention: if you were to find the Elecpencil passed out somewhere, let me die before you take me to a  nut bag doctor like McGowen.

“Ken MacPherson, of the Campaign for Liberty, said the next TEA Party hopefully could feature speeches by former U.S. congressman James A. Traficant Jr.” I guess the only politicians these clowns like are ones that are felons.

”We’re promoting that rugged individualism that built our country,” MacPherson said. These would-be “rugged individual” types really don’t know their history. They think they are like the rugged individual cowboys who didn’t need the government. Well, other than for: The Government of Spain funding Columbus, the US government Hiring Lewis and Clark for surveys, the Homestead Act, the Morrill Act,  the US Geological Survey, the Pacific Railroad Grant, giving out land to promote settlement, for being a steward of open spaces and parks, for maintaining military outposts and forts, proving the calvary to protect from Indian attacks, for building roads, harbors, subsidizing mail delivery, mayors, territorial governors, Indian agents, Bureau of Indian Affairs, staffing the Land Office, sheriffs, Texas Rangers, treaties with foreign nations for land purchases, US Forestry Service, Northwest Ordinance etc. Conservatives and tea baggers insult themselves by think the government hasn’t played a big part in our history by giving what they’d call handouts

The “Wild West’s” citizens decried federal power, and at the same time, complained that more federal dollars were not sent their way. It reminds me of today’s tea baggers who had no problem with GW Bush blowing money on a war in Iraq but thinks Obama is a bad president for wanting to spend money to make sure the USA has health care for all.

The mythologizing of the West and “rugged individualism” was promoted by minstrel shows and dime novels out to cash in on exaggerating the truth. Today’s “rugged individual” revisionist history is promoted by corporations and the talk radio and FOX NEWS media that they own. These promoters are today’s P.T. Barnum’s that have succeeded in manipulating the public during economically troubled times. They have decided they can cash in big while at the same time providing the public with a villain. The corporations villain is of course the government. After all the government is the one who puts unreasonable demands on corporations. You know things like: not wanting them to pollute our air and water, expecting them to actually pay taxes and to not make a quick buck by selling unsafe procedures and products.

I hear teabaggers  promoting Tort Reform. They want to limit the amount of money that a person can sue a company or doctor for. If I go to get my tonsils out and the doctor instead amputates both of my legs by damn I’m suing big time. If conservatives are so concerned about protecting corporations and doctors there is a simple solution. They should sign a paper saying they will never sue no matter that their legs were removed instead of their tonsils. Besides having to get by with no legs can make the “rugged individual” experience that much more dime novel like.

Here is an event tomorrow I want you to attend:  The eleventh annual Pig Iron Poetry Slam Wednesday, September 16, 7:30 p.m. It is at the Lemon Grove Cafe 122 West Federal Street Downtown Youngstown.

To participate, come and bring an original poem to perform and be scored by a panel of peer judges, randomly selected.  Contestant is limited to 1 poem, four minutes.  No costumes or props.  The winner takes home the Piggy Bank!
Audience Invited
Donation $1.00
The Elecpencil will be competing so stop and say hi.

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URBAN COWBOY, n: One who is typically all hat and no cow.


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