A Don’t Miss Event

I had a great time last night at the 11th annual  Pig Iron Poetry Slam. I might add that the Elecpencil did very well in the competition. It was held at the Lemon Grove in downtown Youngstown. If you haven’t been to the Lemon Grove you owe it to yourself to check it out.  At the event I had a nice conversation with local activist, Therese Joseph. This morning I open up the Youngstown Vindicator’s Entertainment extra section to find this article on her.

Last night she was telling me about the following event:

The Numbers Band

Saturday night September 19th at the Youngstown Club.

There will be a buffet from 6:30-8:00 pm

Concert and buffet is $35/Couples $65

The concert itself is at 8 pm

and is $20/$15 for cash strapped (the Elecpencil’s category sadly).

You can pay for the concert at the door but if you

want the buffet give her a call at 330 747-5404

I have seen the Numbers Band many times over their 40 year career and they just get better with age.  They are one of the best blues/jazz fusion band you are ever going to see.  You have the Elecpencil’s word on that! Get your butt to the concert and thank me later. Help out a fellow activist and give Therese a call.

For more on the Numbers band check out their website here.

The Numbers Band: She Becomes the Jones

The Numbers Band: New Matchbox Blues

This is what a critic said about the Numbers Bands record, ” Jimmy Bell’s Still in Town”:

“Genuine Rhythm ‘n’ Blues and a large potion of free jazz by ex- Golden Palomino Robert Kidney, featuring slightly Captain Beefheart-like eccentricity. Frighteningly intense… This is one of those records that will probably never sell, but will secretly carry its genius among all those other CD’s that were overlooked by the public. Except if you take this review seriously of course. A timeless statement.” – RV, Platomania, December 2000

15  60



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