What Are the Odds?

I haven’t gotten around to making my list of the best of the Mahoning Valley. I’d still like your input on that. Let me for now complain about a business.

After work on Thursday September 17, 2009 I stopped to get two dinners for my wife and I. I went to the China Wok in Niles, OH which is not far from where I work. I had a coupon from my Youngstown Area Entertainment 09 book. The coupon was good for up to $8.00 off a second dinner when a first is ordered. I ordered two dinners that were about $7.00 each and handed the cashier my coupon. She then said, “We no take these coupons.” I asked why as it was good until Nov. 1 2009. She replied, “We don’t feel like taking them?” I replied, “What?” She then said something in Chinese and then said, “You still want to order?” I responded, “Certainly not and here is your menu back as I will never eat here.”

When I got home I e-mailed entertainment.com and told them what happened. They responded that they are not responsible when someone refuses the coupons. They also said they will look into the problem at China Wok.

Friday morning at work I tell my four colleges I work with in the same room about my experience at China Wok. Sometime later when I believe I wasn’t around a worker from another room said that some people in our building were ordering out. Here the folks in my building ordered from China Wok. A couple of people I had told my story to in my very room ordered. So much for any sympathy for my plight or and solidarity in my fight against China Wok. People from work had not ordered out in weeks. That leads me to ask what are the odds people would order from China Wok the very next day after my plight with them?

The odds are damn good if you know how my life goes. I’m the guy who walks into Home Depot (it’s near work but I prefer locally owned hardware stores) to buy something. That something is 90% sure to be in the aisle that is closed as a tow motor is being used to stock the shelves. It will of course be hours before that aisle is opened. As far as the other 10% of the time there will also be some snafu. For instance I went in to buy a light bulb and the store was totally empty. That is except for one other guy that of course is standing in front of the area of the light bulbs. Mr. Joe Slow is methodically inspecting two bulbs. It’s as if he is making the decision of his life. He can’t decide whether he should buy a 55 watt bulb or a 60 watt. I am waiting patiently for the moment. In another minute I will say, “Damn pick both bulbs and I’ll buy them both for you, just move.”

As for my new enemy China Wok you I’m sure have heard people accuse Chinese restaurants of cooking up dogs and cats. I think that is usually an outrageous statement but I did notice Meow goo gi pan on the menu at China Wok

THE STAGE will make its grand return on Wednesday, September 23 at 7:30 pm at the Oakland. The first Stage back will be framed as a sort of “Town Hall” meeting, where the topic of discussion between acts will center around health care reform. The Stage features, comedy, music, poetry and more. The Elecpencil will be in attendance and I hope you will too. Call (330.718.5515) or email (oaklandcenter@gmail.com) if interested in performing or know someone who might be…and spread the word!

Mink Deville: Spanish Stroll

Mixed Up Shook Up Girl

The purpose of life is a life of purpose. ~ Robert Byrne


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