Unnecessary Operations Craze?

I saw a tea bagger on the news going on about being against health care because we are 200,000 short on doctors. No facts on that number as the GOP fired the facts checkers years ago. He said Obama’s  plan simply won’t work because of this shortage already. Five minutes later in the speech he says a big problem we need to fix is unnecessary  operations.  It seems to me if there is a doctor shortage they’d be too busy to do all of these unnecessary operations. I know I always have to wait at my doc’s office. I even have to wait months to get in. When I see my doctor  he says, “This doesn’t look good you should have come in sooner.” I tell him, “I called in May your secretary said September was the soonest appointment.”

Unnecessary operations? Is the doctor in his office saying, “The next patient that walks in the door is getting an unnecessary operation.” He then throws a dart at a dart board. The board reads large intestine. Doc thinks, “I’ll schedule the operation at 8 am and I can still make my 9:30 tee off time at the Country Club. That should all work out if I take out 8 ft. of intestine or less.”  Note to self, bring a tape measure.

Or is it the patients that want an unnecessary operation? Mrs. Miller is thinking, “I’m bored I think I’ll get an unnecessary operation.” How exciting she continues, “I’m going to call the girls and see if they want to go robe and slipper shopping.” She decides she’ll have one kidney taken out like Mrs. Jones who entertained the bridge club last month with tales of her kidney operation.

As far as I am concerned there is only one unnecessary operation. That would be a vasectomy. I took a friend once to get one so I could be his ride home. We went into the waiting area where he had time to read one GQ magazine and one Sports Illustrated. After the operation they had him sit in the waiting room for a while to see if he was OK. He now read an Oprah magazine. He was 6’3” before the operation he is now 4’5” as he has never been able to stand up straight again. No vasectomy for me thank you very much.

Some doctors are worried that if we had a new health care plan where everyone had access to a public option they’d be out of business. That would be because the public wouldn’t have to settle for the doctors that graduated at the bottom of their class. You know, like the ones in your present health care plan. Bad doctors need not fear they can always  get that bottom of the food chain medical job. You know a company doctor. It’s that job where when you get hurt the company doc gives you a Tylenol staples your hand back on and sends you back to work. For company doctors the Hippocratic oath is replaced with the term, no lost time accidents.

I am amused by FOX NEWS speak on how a public option (or pubic option as I saw on one tea baggers sign) will provide poor health care and yet it will put the supposed superior health care companies out of business. I thought competition was the lifeblood of the GOP’s beloved free market system.

Paul Hipp: We’re Number 37

Pirates of the Heath  Care-ibean: Go Ahead and Die

Financial ruin from medical bills is almost exclusively an American disease.  ~Roul Turley


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