Senator Combover and Health Care

The Elecpencil stopped at Dubic’s  Palm Cafe today for lunch. They are located at 301 Steel Street in Youngstown. The place was packed and for good reason. They smoke chicken, ham and lamb every Saturday. I am not a lamb fan but the ham is the best I have ever tasted! You can buy ham by the pound and a half or whole chicken. Don’t take my word for it check out Casey Malone’s  review here: Palm Cafe.

Also cross the street and go to Roscoe’s Poultry Market for some chicken or steaks to grill up at home. Roscoe’s also has spices and their own line of soda.

I was surprised to hear President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. It’s  based on hope for what he might do in the future. I’m already disappointed I haven’t seen any of that change he promised while campaigning.  Obama won in a field of 205 people nominated. I’d love to see the rest of the list but the names are kept secret for 50 years. One good thing about Obama winning is that Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh’s brains exploded upon hearing the news. Both of their brains were put in the same thimble with room to spare.

What in the heck are the congressmen and senators doing about a health care plan?  I want a health care plan but I’m worried about this crowd. You see I am a CSPAN junkie. I have taken a good look at the senators and congressmen. I therefore ask myself, do I want this bunch of politicians picking our future health care plan?

The last CSPAN Senate hearing I watched I was thinking, oh look there is Senator Combover from Montana, Sen. Combover from Indiana, Sen. Combover from Florida etc. Do we want a group that thinks their combovers look good making life or death decisions for us? It’s amazing the king of combovers Donald Trump isn’t a senator. How early do you think he gets up in the morning to tease that rat’s nest?

Still don’t get what I am saying? Think locally. Former Congressman Jim Traficant might run for congress again. I suppose his slogan will be, “Put the con in congress.” Do you want Jimbo who picked out that rug picking your health care plan? I understand that Jimbo’s wife is a hair dresser. Wow, ladies I ask you do you want your hair done by a woman who let her hubby wear that throw rug? The woman must be blind.

I would think that Traficant’s health care plan would include some preventative health options. Like to improve your health you need some more exercise. Jimbo would set up an exercise program where you have a choice in physical exercise. You can either go to Poland, Ohio and work on his farm for free or do the same in DC working on his boat.

When my wife and I were dating I use to play a game with her when, we were somewhere like a mall that was crowded. I called it, “Toupee alert.” I would say, “ Toupee alert and it’s a really bad head carpet.” My wife would then have to figure out who I meant. It was kind of  a “Where’s Waldo” of  bad hair pieces.  Oddly enough my wife still married me.

The congress has health care so they can drag their feet about passing a plan for others.  There are tons of folks who are without health care and in trouble now.

Horslips: Trouble With a Capital T

Horslips: Sword of Light

Here in Washington, DC, we do anything we please and get away with it… Why? Because the average American voter doesn’t even read a newspaper anymore and has the attention span of a cocker spaniel… You don’t care, so we don’t care! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha… – Wiley, Non Sequitur, 9/24/2000

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