Plenty to do so Enjoy

Last Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Elecpencil attended Christmas in the Woods in Columbiana Ohio.  There were over 100 crafters selling beautiful handmade goods.  It is also going on this Saturday October 17 and Sunday October 18. I highly recommend you check it out.

B.E. Taylor will be performing Christmas music both days (noon-1) and from (2-3).  Check out appearances on his site to catch the longer versions of the Christmas shows he does throughout the PA, OH and West Virginia areas. Mrs. Elecpencil and I loved his show last year in New Castle, PA so much we will be attending it again this year. You can also catch his show on December 4, 2009 at Victory Christian Center in Coitsville, OH.

Today Mr. and Mrs. Elecpencil ventured down to Newell, West Virgina. we attended the tent sale held at Homer Laughlin China Co. It’s a crazy event where Fiestawear lovers like Mrs. E stand in line for hours to buy Fiestaware seconds and  discontinued china items. It was actually lots of fun visiting with people from all over while freezing in line.

On the way home we stopped in picturesque Lisbon Ohio. We had a late lunch at Pondi’s Restaurant and Bar on Rt. 45. It’s a small quaint place that has been around forever. Mrs. E enjoyed a very good hamburger while I had a Haddock sandwich with hand cut fries that was excellent. I was surprised that with a soda and a draft beer we ended up with a bill under $15.00. Good value and great food. I’m told their dinner menu offers steaks and blackened fish that is excellent.

While in Lisbon we swung by Mary’s Pizza located on N. Beaver St. near the high school. Mary’s  started in 1961 and many folks claim it’s the best pizza they have ever eaten.  I have never tried Mary’s pizza but I learned they have frozen ones to go so I thought while I was in Lisbon I’d check it out. I’ll be eating it sometime this week so I’ll let you know my opinion.

Update: Mr. and Mrs. Elecpencil heated up Mary’s pizza for our Saturday dinner. This is really different pizza that I can’t really compare to any other pizza. It came out of the oven with a crunchy thin layer but with a thick layer of dough on top. Very good meat sauce with lots of cheese.  If you like thick dough this is the ticket. Don’t ever order it with extra sauce or cheese as it already has a generous amount.

I’m tired of having people tell me there is nothing to do around here. That is just so much B.S. Truth is every day I can find a dozen things to do. The only thing limiting me is time and money. Get out and take a fall drive and enjoy yourself!

Greenslade: Bedside Manners are Extra

Red Light

“People who cannot find time for recreation are obliged sooner or later to find time for illness.” ~ John Wannamaker



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2 responses to “Plenty to do so Enjoy

  1. Thanks for the shout-out to Pondi’s. It’s by far one of my favorite restaurants. Great food and great prices. It’s definitely an area highlight. Next time you’re in that area, make sure you check out the Coke Ovens in Leetonia, if you haven’t already.

  2. elecpencil

    Katie~ Thank you. I took your advice and went to Pondi’s and loved it. I had been to the Steel Trolley Diner before and also thought it was good. We have a friend in Leetonia we haven’t visited in awhile but I will have to have her point out the Coke Ovens. I am still working on a best of the area list and I can appreciate many things in Columbiana County.

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