Dumb White Folks

I have never been able to understand racism. Support by poor white Southerners for slave owners during the Civil War has always puzzled me. Many of these whites lost their jobs at plantations because the plantation owners replaced them with black slaves.  Yet, when the end of slavery was threatened the same plantation owners were able to convince the poor white former plantation workers that they should pick up arms to fight for the plantation owners.  The plantation owners didn’t go to battle or if they did they called themselves, colonels and stayed back from harms way while the poor whites were in the front lines dying.

The plantation owners convinced the poor whites that the war was over states rights. You know like the B.S. today from the right like: those on the left are going to outlaw your God and guns, that gay marriage rights would mean a loss of heterosexual rights, that dirty air, low wages, non-unions, corporate welfare and tort reform are what is needed to make America’s businesses grow.

I ran across this video awhile ago. It show whites in New Orleans trashing blacks who suffered during Hurricane Katrina:

These whites are not unlike the former white plantation workers who were used like puppets in a war to fight for the interests of the rich.  The whites in the video are being used in a class war today.  They are puppets for today’s rich ruling class that stays in power by promoting the kind of hate seen in this video.

The best explanation of how working-class whites are used I have seen is explained in this video:

Atomic Rooster: The Devil’s Answer

Broken Wings

“At the heart of racism is the religious assertion that God made a creative mistake when he brought some people into being.” ~ Friedrich Otto Hertz


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