The Oakland Theater Cured My Phobia

Last night Mr. & Mrs. Elecpencil went with friends to see, “The Rocky Horror Show” at the Oakland Center for the Arts in downtown Youngstown. Before I get into a review of the Oakland’s play I want to talk about the movie. I have seen the movie several times since it came out in 1975.

The last time I saw the movie was several years ago in Cleveland, at the Cedar Lee Theatre. It has been playing at the Cedar Lee one Saturday a month at midnight for 20 years. After that viewing of the “Rocky Horror Picture Show”  I decided I could never see the film again. That was because of the disease I am afflicted with that I have talked about before. It is the illness I have known as, “asshole magnetism.” I experienced it big time at that Cleveland showing  from the three assholes that surrounded me. It is a long and humorous story I won’t talk about now because it would take away from the nice experience I enjoyed at the Oakland last night. If you see me out and about ask me about my asshole experience at the Cedar Lee and I will share it with you.

Last night, the cast at the Oakland ended the phobia I have had with “Rocky” since that bad Cleveland experience. I was healed and am now able to dance the “Time Warp” again. Director and singer extraordinaire, Robert Dennick Joki did a galactic job of playing, Dr. Fran N’ Furter.  He brought a John Water’s Divine look and  attitude to the part. He also designed the costumes which gave the show some fresh camp. Shawn Lockaton did an excellent job playing, Riff Raff. This is the third play I have seen him in and he always delivers. I expressed that to his number one fan, his mother after the show. She is very proud of him as she should be.  I loved the idea of a mistress other than a criminologist narrating the story. Nicole Zayas dominated in the part (pun intended).

Brad and Janet were played with exuberance by Eric McCrea and Alyssa Connelly. The rest of the cast was top-notch, as was Debbie Pesce’s choreography.  A huge pair of red lips to all involved. You need to go see this play because as Dr. Frank N’ Furter says in it, “A mental mind fuck can be nice.” It is playing tonight Nov. 7  and Nov. 13 and 14 at 8:00. There will also be a special midnight  show Nov. 14. Call: 330-746-0404 for reservations.

Before we went to the Oakland, we ate at the Rosetta Stone Cafe in downtown Youngstown. Our friend Patty and Mrs. Elecpencil got hamburgers which they both enjoyed. Our friend John got a fried haddock dinner he liked with what he said was the best coleslaw he’s ever eaten. I had a Cajun chicken salad that was spicy and delicious. The waiter made a few mistakes, but all in all I’d recommend you give it a try and I think you’ll be glad you did.

Realtime Digimob playing outside the Oakland.

Digimob at Cedars

Don’t dream it, Be it
-Frank N Furter


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