EX-Mayors, Ex-Bishops, Excellent Pizza and Fish

Today November 22, 2009 Mr. & Mrs. Elecpencil attended the Artists of the Mahoning Commons Holiday Open Studio and Art Sale.  It was held at, the Ward Bakery Building (across from U-Haul), 1024 Mahoning Avenue, Youngstown, Ohio. We attend every year and this year Mrs. Elecpencil bought two pieces of jewelry from two different artists. The pieces are handmade and very reasonably priced. You will also find great paintings, sculpture, photography and furniture. Our area truly has some talented artists and quite a number have studios at the former Ward Bakery. Check it out next Sunday (Nov. 29) from noon to 5pm.

Mr. & Mrs. Elecpencil also enjoyed fish dinners Friday at the Fireplace Restaurant & Lounge at, 2075 East Western Reserve Road, Poland OH. We had  generous size pieces of fish and it was as good as I’ve ever eaten. Great service, beautiful atmosphere and they have Labbats on draft. What’s not to like?

I picked up a pizza last week from Cornersburg Pizza at 3518 Canfield Rd in the Cornersburg area. They are also located in Austintown and Boardman. Their pizza had ample cheese, good sauce and a crispy crust. The two young men working were very courteous despite being very busy. In a valley of great pizza I’d say this is one of the best pies you’ll find. Drop me a comment and tell me what area pizza is your favorite!

I heard former Y-town Mayor McKelvey filling in for WKBN radio talk show host, Ron Verb one day last week. Every time the former mayor hosts he talks about the war being waged on the public about political correctness. Your rhetoric is getting old and boring McKelvey. He concocted stupid what if scenarios about being PC.  Sadly, the callers who chimed in sounded as pathetically dumb as the former mayor. Mayor, being PC just means having some manners and using a little common sense. After hearing McKelvey I realized what a great city Youngstown is.  That’s because they had to be a strong city to survive McKelvey’s years as a mayor.

And now a politically un-correct (as McKelvey would say) word about a man I am glad is no longer an area resident. I’m talking about our former Youngstown area Catholic Bishop Tobin. When he was our bishop he eventually suppressed the free speech of  mine and other  local Catholic left-wing voices. He did this by rejecting letters written to the Catholic Exponent by people who opposed the war in Iraq. It seems Tobin supported the war even though the pope did not.

Tobin and other right-wing Catholic Orwellians  drove  me to decide to leave the Catholic Church after fifty years. Now that Tobin is bishop in Providence, Rhode Island he is busy driving parishioners from the church in that diocese.  Read about it here:  Tobin at it again.

Tobin and some other bishops have decided they are going to deny  lawmakers and parishioners who are pro-choice the sacrament of communion. They say it is because these Catholics do not believe in the core Catholic teachings about being pro-life. The death penalty is also a pro-life issue but Tobin has not denied communion to lawmakers or parishioners who are pro-death penalty.

Is the Catholic Church  going to deny communion or even ex-communicate all members who don’t believe in the core Catholic teachings? If they enforce these core teachings on liberal members who are pro-choice, use birth control, and believe in gay rights and conservative members who use birth control, are pro-war, pro-death penalty, and pro-pollution of our planet by corporations,  I think you’re going to find the pews pretty empty.

That being said, I dare conservative bishops like Tobin to state ALL of the core Catholic teachings and throw out anyone who doesn’t agree with them. I also believe that churches that want to get involved in politics should lose their tax exempt status.

The one section of the Catholic faith I have always respected is the Catholic Worker Movement. I have always admired its founders Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin. Maurin’s, “Easy Essays” are my favorite poems.  I am excited to welcome to the Youngstown area a Catholic Worker home located at 620 Belmont Ave. Youngstown OH. I think they will be very successful as I think they are very much-needed in our valley.

Area Band: Jones for Revival

More Jones for Revival

I firmly believe that our salvation depends on the poor. ~ Dorthy Day



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6 responses to “EX-Mayors, Ex-Bishops, Excellent Pizza and Fish

  1. Cornersburg Pizza is one fine pie. I critique all the restaurants I go to. Here’s my take on Cornersburg, the one in Boardman.
    Boardman Cornersburg Pizza

    I read about Tobin not allowing Rep. Kennedy to receive communion because of his pro-choice beliefs. For all the good things his father Teddy has done for the country, Catholic, and non Catholic alike, it is a clear slap in the face to all those Catholic.

  2. I cannot recall the year—sometime during the latter 1950s—the month, week, the date or the actual hour, but I recall most vividly the moment I rose from my chair while sitting at my kitchen table while reading, of all things—the Bible—and knew I was on my way to freedom from all it’s nonsense from that moment on! No Gods, angels, devils, demons, spirits—good or bad—ghosts or other such invisible beings haunt the brain within my head. Among the regrets I’ll probably take with me into the eternal night that awaits me, will be a regret for not have used my brain much more wisely than I did.

  3. “After hearing McKelvey I realized what a great city Youngstown is. That’s because they had to be a strong city to survive McKelvey’s years as a mayor.”
    Nicely put. I listened to him rant on the radio for about an hour one time and couldn’t believe what I was hearing. No more…

  4. elecpencil

    LOTGK ~ I couldn’t agree with you more about Ted Kennedy. I like your blog and it’s restaurant reviews.

    Mary ~ When I read your blog it makes me hope I can be half as wise as you when I am your age.

    Tyler ~ It’s nice to hear I am not the only one who feels McKelvey is a clown. P.S. Mrs. Elecpencil and I loved the photos your wife had at the Mahoning Commons Open Studio.

  5. susie beiersdorfer

    Hey ‘lec,

    How’s it going?
    I am a fringe volunteer at the Dorothy Day house on Belmont. We had the open house last Sunday November 22 – attended by hundreds of folks…

    As you know I am not catholic but Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker movement are attractive to me as far as service without christian indoctrination (ie rescue mission) and belief in “the inherent dignity of every human being” (the first UU principle)…

    For the time being it is open M, T, W from 4-6:30 (dinner served fro 5-6:30) and of course volunteers and household goods are truly appreciated…


  6. elecpencil

    Suze ~ Glad to hear you are onboard to help the new Dorthy Day house. I will have to see if I can’t help in some way. Truth is I wish I had 10% of your energy.

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