Another Prostitute in a Bad Wig

I saw an area poll where 50% of those taking the poll would vote for Jim Traficant. Another question was does Jimbo wear a toupee? Again 50% said, no, it’s really his hair. I guess if you are dumb enough to not know that is a rug, you are dumb enough to vote for him.

As I’ve said, Jimbo can run on the slogan, “Put the con in congress.” It is sad that some people think a crook like Traficant is the best we can do to represent us. I think highly of my family so I want someone more honorable than Traficant to represent them. I would think it would be the same for others but I guess a politician who took bribes and stole part of his staff’s paychecks is good enough for some people.

Jimbo brings out some strange right-wing wack jobs. Here is a man from Brooklyn  who calls Jimbo a “crusader for the right” (which is enough to get me to never support Jimbo).

Here is also a man that says Traficant should team up with Minnesota’s Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. See here.

Bachmann lashed out against President Obama calling him an anti-American socialist. She has spoken at many Tea Parties railing against the evils of socialism like welfare. Rep. Bachmann meanwhile is a welfare queen who has collected over a quarter of a million dollars in welfare.

I’ve shown you two videos of right-wingers loving Jimbo.  Now for a little hypocrisy, here is a right-winger listing Jimbo as one more Democrat who is a crook. This despite Traficant voting along with Republicans over 60% of the time.

Two can play at the same game so here is a list of Republican crooks.

Of course not all politicians who are criminals have done jail time. Here is Ohio’s Rep. John Boehner admitting he was bought by Big Tobacco.

This guy speaking about marketing at a Tea Party meeting is the kind of idiot that is attracted to the Tea Party Movement that people like Traficant are featured speakers at. Guys like this marketing “expert” prove we need a health care system to get those suffering from mental illness the help they need.

Poor and middle-class teabaggers march to support the rich.

The real story of the Boston Tea Party was not against the government raising taxes on tea. It was against corporate welfare in the form of tax cuts for the largest global corporation at that time. I’m talking about the Wal-Mart of its day, the British East India Company.

I thank my friend Bob from Pittsburgh for reminding me of this. Bob made an interesting statement about the G-20 protesters in Pittsburgh last year. He said, the demonstrators who broke corporate stores windows had more in common with the 17776 Boston Tea party than the  recent Tea Party events around the country.  The G-20 demonstrators were protesting the control corporations have over “our” government.

These Tea Party events were put on by corporations who don’t want their capital gains taxes raised. The events were attended by middle-class people who have gotten a middle-class tax break. Sadly, the corporations are using  propaganda ignited by fear and racism to protect their interests. It has been a winning formula in class-warfare for centuries.

Here is the latest victory as of yesterday for the rich in this class war. It’s just one more case of the rich being taken care of and the burden shifted to the middle-class. The fight is far from over but we need to hold our politicians accountable. I’m glad ones like Traficant talked the talk and said, our politicians are prostitutes up for the highest bidder. Unfortunately  Traficant didn’t walk the walk and pimped himself  out also. It’s high time we start screening all of our politicians for lobby infected STD’s.

Happy New Year!

George Harrison: Ding Dong

U2: New Years Day

New Year’s Resolution: To tolerate fools more gladly, provided this does not encourage them to take up more of my time. ~ James Agate



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4 responses to “Another Prostitute in a Bad Wig

  1. Adam

    i stumbled across a website i think you’ll like:

    very detailed, in-depth articles on right-wingers, conservative think tanks, and similar trouble makers

  2. elecpencil

    Thanks Adam those are some interesting sites I’ve forwarded to a few folks I know who will also enjoy them. Hope to see you soon.

  3. I still can’t understand why people go to these TEA Party events and stand in support of health insurance companies and corporations who are moving jobs overseas. It’s mind boggling.

  4. elecpencil

    Thanks for the comment Mike and I am as puzzled as you. I really do think some of it right now has to do with racism. I also think many people are easily manipulated by propaganda. Then there is good old fashion greed. People who have insurance through their employer don’t give a damn if the next guy doesn’t. Through out our history people like Tories did the bidding of an undemocratic king. Then we had scabs who were willingly used to stop advances in the labor movement. The Tea Baggers of today are of the same ilk.

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