Hi, come on in and sit a spell. The dress is casual so put your feet up and relax.  My blog features: Typos and grammatical errors on purpose. They are there for those that look for such things. I try my best to do something for everybody.

A new year always brings some reflection. For me, I have to ask myself, what am I trying to say with this blog?

I want to continue to talk about problems around our country and the world. I want to do this so I can make some sense of the world my kids are going to inherit. A big part of what is wrong is that our politicians are purchased by global corporations. At some point I hope we realize this and decide to make a stand. No, I don’t believe the TEA Party Movement is part of the solution as they are a big part of the problem. They are part of the problem as they show how easily people are manipulated by the corporations.  Look at the photos on these pages and see if this racist Tea Party Movement is something you’d  associated with.

Another thing I want people to do on my blog is visit the Armchair Activist section. See if there is an issue that interest you and spend a few seconds signing on to a petition. A recent one asked CNN  to fire Lou Dobbs because of his racism. Lou did “quit” his job at CNN. These things work and it doesn’t take much effort. That means they earn the Elecpencil’s award for the “Lazy man’s answer to change.”

I want in 2010 to continue to do all I can to support the area I live in know as, the Mahoning Valley. I will talk about some of the great locally owned businesses in our area that have earned your support. The Elecpencil having taken vows of poverty has limited funds so I use what discounts I can find. Here are a few local sources that I use that could help you: SurfTheValley.com, ClassytheCow.com, RESTAURANT.com and YoungstownDeals.

If you have any other sites to save a buck send them along and I’ll post them. If you love the service of a local company let me know. Also for help for consumers look under my Consumer Info section.

Speaking about great things in the Mahoning Valley I want to mention my favorite local talk radio host, Louie B. Free. I see Louie is having some legal problems and I want to wish him the best of luck and give him my support. Louie does a great job of interviewing people and keeping us all informed. I co-hosted a radio talk show a decade ago for just one hour a week and know how difficult it is.

I will also blog about things that disappoint me in the Mahoning Valley. The latest one is the Struthers Presbyterian Church. Their members  want to secede from the Presbyterian Church USA. The Struthers church says they feel that Presbyterian Church USA is getting to liberal. Over the last 20 years  Presbyterian USA’s general assembly has rejected ordaining of homosexuals and same-sex marriages. So how does that make them to liberal for the Struthers church? The mere fact that over the last 20 years the general assembly’s vote for rights for gays has gotten “closer and closer” to passing is enough to outrage the Struthers  Presbyterian Church. I’m sadden to see such a homophobic bunch trying to keep our valley in the Victorian Era.

I am straight with two kids in college. That does not mean that I can’t recognize that the issues facing gays today makes it the latest civil rights issue. I recently saw a photo of a well dressed black man standing with a sign against gay rights. You would think  blacks who suffered through their own civil rights struggle would be the last ones to discriminate against women, gays or anyone else.

Truth is gay people were more likely to have marched for civil rights for blacks than the angry, anti-gay whites that blacks stand with today against gay rights. I’m betting in 1860 the same type of supposed Christian whites would have looked at their Bible and said, “Slaves obey your master.”  Remember the saying, that no one is as blind as those who will not see?

I have  a comment section for a reason, so use it. I really do want to hear your opinion.

On Tuesday Jan. 10, 2010 at 7:30 p.m. the Pig Iron Poets will have an open reading at Tomasino’s Pizza. It is located at 103 Federal Plaza West, Downtown Youngstown, OH. See you there weather permitting.

Onward to a better year and a better world!

Teddy Pantelis/Damian Knapp

Teddy Pantelis

Lighthouses are more helpful than churches. ~ Ben Franklin



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2 responses to ““Blogsplaining”

  1. thanks for mentioning Louie – we felt bad when we saw the Vindicator article, & then tried to remember if he had ever advocated not paying as a political statement…? (thanx for the add to roll)

  2. elecpencil

    I think Louie is a big asset to the area. I also think you are an asset to the blogroll!

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