Snow Bound and FEEBLE

If you are not eating meat for Lent be sure and check out, Aladdin’s Eatery in Boardman, Ohio. Mrs. Elecpencil and I enjoyed their pita pitzas. We also shared a smoothie that was big enough for both of us. You’ll be amazed at the case featuring their deserts. I’m not a fan of  chain restaurants but this is my exception and I highly recommend it!

I needed a garage door on the garage I have outback as the cable snapped. I called the place that gave me the best price and service on the garage door I had put on my attached garage in, 2007.  I called them last Monday and they came two hours later and measured my door. Two days later I came home from work to a new door and garage opener. They hauled away my old door and did a great job on the new one! That is why I highly recommend, Omega Garage Doors, in Youngstown, OH.

Is the snow getting you down? It could be worse as seen here.

The best laugh I had this week was from the Jimmy Kimmel Show. He said, “Sarah Palin would be smarter if she had bigger hands.”  I almost fell out of the official Elecpencil recliner when I heard that. Send me  a comment if you don’t get it.

Next we have the FEEBLE count. FEEBLE stands for, Frank’s erroneous, editorials, bashing, liberals endlessly. This is where I count how many times the Warren Tribune’s editor, Frank Robinson uses the word liberal negatively in an editorial.

On Feb. 10: 1 use of the word liberal.

On Feb. 11: 3 uses of the word liberal.

On Feb 15: 1 use of the word liberal.

From Feb.8 – 20  Frank scores:  8 big GOP brownie point huzzahs for saying: bureaucratic bumbling, lackadaisical attitude, tax payer money pit, tax burden, government waste, blatant biases, political hot air, and a call for pay cuts for city workers.

Frank’s Feb. 19 editorial attacked, President Obama’s National Labor Relations Board nominee,  Craig Becker. The editor doesn’t like Becker because he worked for the AFL-CIO and SEIU unions. Frank would have had no problem if Obama would have picked corporate attorneys like Reagan and two Buses did.

Editor Frank knows his editorial page does not represent the working-class makeup of our community. He is paid to represent the corporate policies of the Nutting family, that owns the newspaper and Frank delivers. In a previous post I had a link to the strange behaviors of members of the Nutting family. I now note that the link is nowhere to be found. I do know that my post was seen by a worker in the Trib’s editorial department as she commented a few times on my post. The link disappeared shortly after that.

A note to Frank, your newspaper lost it’s last bit of credibility when it purchased racist, Michelle Malkin’s syndicated column. Can a column by David Duke be far off?

Aorta: Ode to Missy Mxyzosptlk

Aotra: What’s in My Minds Eye

“I am not the editor of a newspaper and shall always try to do right so that God will not make me one.” ~ Mark Twain

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