Good News for a Change/ A Change is Coming

First off I want to thank the good folks at Town & Country Veterinarian Hospital in Howland, OH. They helped ease the pain of a member of the Elecpencil family. Our 16 year-old mongrel, Sheba has been suffering with a heart murmur and lots of arthritic pain for some period now. The really down side to owning a pet is when you have to decide to euthanasia it. The compassionate staff at Town and Country understood that and was as helpful as they could have been. Bless you all and R.I.P. Sheba one gentle dog.

Now for some good new for our valley as miracles are happening! The following news was gathered from the Warren Tribune and Youngstown Vindicator. GM’s Lordstown complex will be building the new subcompact Chevrolet, Cruze. A third shift will return to the plant employing 1,200 more workers. Of that 1,200 workers 400 jobs will go to area laid-off GM workers the rest will be open to GM workers across the U.S. Local suppliers like Falcon Transport, Jamestown and Magna Seating will also benefit from the Cruze.

It was only a short while ago that, General Motors Chief Executive Officer Rick Wagoner said, “One of the key reasons for the success of the Chevrolet Cobalt and Pontiac G5 is the Lordstown workforce and the strong partnerships with the UAW and local and state officials,” He continued, “Based on the quality of work and these strong partnerships, we are pleased to announce our plans to invest $500 million in the Chevy Cruze product program in the U.S., including more than $350 million in Lordstown.”

There is a lot of other area good news to also celebrate. V&M Star Steel announced its $650 million expansion and up to 400 well-paying jobs along the Youngstown-Girard border. Ultra Premium Oilfield Services announced a $10 million expansion at its Brookfield location that will grow by somewhere between 50 and 120 high-paying jobs. Along with those and GM add in announced expansions or new facilities for Exal Corp., Reinforcement Systems, Patriot Special Metals and VXI Global Solutions. That all amounts to more than $1.4 billion being invested and nearly 3,500 jobs being created in and around the Mahoning Valley. That does not include Severstal Steel who is recalling more than 1,000 steel workers after more than a year of idling.

We also have, Eastern Gateway Community College who is bringing offices and classes to downtown Warren. Also tentatively scheduled to open in downtown Warren is the Warren Technology and Business Center for Energy Sustainability a techbelt incubator. The incubators would exist to support start-up companies in the sustainable energy field. The Warren incubator would be modeled after the success of the Youngstown incubator that has been praised in the Wall Street Journal. The Youngstown incubator has created 300 downtown jobs that average $58,000 in annual salaries. The anchor start-up, Turning Technologies, grossed $34 million last year and is expected to hire 20 employees this year.

I’ve missed a few other companies who are coming or expanding. To be fair I also have to mention that it looks like Denman Tire is closing if a new owner isn’t found. Also Delphi’s salaried workers are still struggling for their pensions. For the most part things are looking up in the Mahoning Valley!

That does not mean that the naysayers aren’t still active. First we have the anti-union conservatives in the valley. You hear them trashing unions while remaining anonymous on talk radio.  They also make anonymous comments trashing unions at the Warren Tribune and  Youngstown Vindicator’s online websites. GM’s CEO, Rick Wagner has thanked Lordstown’s UAW for concessions and co-operations that has resulted in GM investing $350 million in the Lordstown plant. That is not enough proof for the anti-union crowd. They will still go on about how our area has “tough” unions  that keep companies from locating here. These “tough” unions include the IUE who have established three tiers at Delphi and were well on their way to a fourth.

Then we have the crowd who says our area gets nothing because we always vote for anyone with a D after their name. Seems to me we have a Democrat in the White House, the Statehouse and as local mayors and our Rep. Tim Ryan and it looks like they are delivering to me. I guess these naysayers didn’t notice the failed eight years of the Bush administration.  I guess they forgot about the corrupt Taft administration we had in Ohio. As late as last Friday I heard one of the three Republican candidates running against Rep. Ryan on the radio saying, Ryan has done nothing for our area. OK I knew these conservative naysayers were deaf and dumb now I guess they are blind also.

Area conservatives would have us elect more losers like this fool.

I marvel at some of the naysayers that have moved from our area but still find it necessary to read our local newspapers on-line and send comments trashing the area. If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem. Thank you for moving as you were part of the problem. One of the trash talkers to Vindy. com has made over 3,500 comments. Wow, pal I have to say,  you need to  spend some time instead on Ebay shopping for a life.

Here are comments trashing our city by a former YSU student who wrote for the Jambar, Bob Mackey.

Bob you never were funny and I’m sorry it took 25 years to get your useless keister out of our community. I’m sure you will be happier in some vanilla suburbia: where they tear out the trees and then name streets after them. Only the strong survive and we survive better when the weak get out-of-the-way. Thanks for getting out-of-the-way.

How about this blog that does nothing but trash our area, Youngstown Sucks.

This guy’s camera seems to be a tracking device that finds empty buildings. Somehow he can drive past a newly remodeled Eastwood Mall and go another half mile and find an empty Burlington Store.  Burlinton didn’t leave Bozo it moved behind the mall into a bigger building. What possesses a guy to see so much nothing but empty buildings? I believe it would be an empty soul.

Lots of good happening but the deaf, dumb and blind refuse to be healed by any miracle.

Eddie St. Clair: Youngstown Video

Vanessa Bell Armstrong: Good News

For our area naysayers: “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” ~ Thomas A. Edison

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