At Least the KKK Had Shame

As someone who is Irish on every side of his family, I beg you a favor. Please do not ask for a “Black and Tan” to drink on St. Patrick’s Day. Call that drink a 50/50 if you drink it. All Irish Catholics who know their history are offended when Americans ask for a Black and Tan to drink. That is because the “Black and Tans” were English supported brutal terrorists, who tried to stop the Irish Catholics  of Ireland, from gaining independence. In other words it would be like going into a bar in Israel and asking for a drink called, Auschwitz Ale.

Truth is my great grandfather from County Cork refused to drink that swill, Guinness Stout. That was because Guinness refused to hire Catholics for hundreds of years. He drank Jameson whiskey  and refused to drink Bushmills, or as he called it, Protestant piss. He would be turning over in his grave today to hear people ordering Black and Tans. “Irish Car Bombs” is also another disgusting name for a drink. Does the USA have a drink called, “Native American Holocaust?”

I want to thank Dennis Kucinich for exposing that the healthcare reform bill is a gift to the insurance industry. How teabaggers and republican politicians see that as a takeover by government shows how stupid they are. In the end Kucicnich backed the bill, as at least a place to start. I tend to agree and think Michael Moore tells it better than I can here.

Moore is from Flint, Michigan, a former industrial city much like Youngstown was. When GM and other companies closed up shop in Flint it was devastated, like when steel left Youngstown. I’m sure Flint has conservatives, who call local talk radio shows and say, ‘The unions destroyed Flint. We have to get over our auto making mentality. ” Of course the unions of Flint took major concessions, only to realize concessions only delay the closings. Instead of the conservative mentality of bashing, a progressive mentality was needed. Local politicians who give every manner of corporate welfare for Wal-Marts to locate in their area, should have given the money to the auto and steel workers, to buy and modernize and run their plants.

The anonymous callers trashing unions and the community they live in are the types who contribute nothing to make their community better. Lots of local organizations and people have come forward to make Youngstown better. Flint I’m sure has the same kinds of people trying to change things for the better. The truth is that Flint and Youngstown were not 40 years behind the times. They were 40 years ahead of the times. We have now seen the banks and Wall Street fail, though they were bailed out. Flint and Youngstown were not deemed “to big to fail” so the country did not come to their rescue.

I will tell you what was better 40 years ago. In those days people had some shame. When they wanted to practice racism they at least put on a sheet. Now a days they join the Tea party Movement, wear no masks, and carry racist signs.  It is just the latest in a white power movement. These are the kinds of signs the more bold of them carry. At some of the bigger get togethers you will see the, “Next time we bring our guns” signs.

For now they have settled on calling members of congress “niggers” and “faggots” and spitting on them.

I think an objection to anything sounding socialistic is rooted in racism. Musician, James McMurtry explains it better here.

How much lower can the teabaggers sink? How about mocking a man with Parkinson’s disease. Here are two videos about the incident and his reason for standing up to this tea bag trash.

Trashing the handicapped is not low enough, as now right-wing pundits  have targeted a 11 year-old child, over healthcare.  We can forgive Rush as he was probably high when he trashed the 11 year-old. Glenn Beck can be excused as no one takes him seriously as he is insane. Though I must make a mental note for the next time Mormons come to my door trying to save me. I will say, “Save your brother Mormon, Glenn Beck as the Devil has his mind and soul.” I will not make an exception to forgive that hate hag “journalist,”  Michelle Malkin. Malkin has attacked kids who spoke up for social justice in the past. She has even written a book about how it was good to intern Japanese Americans during WW II. Michelle is so vile she makes Ann Coulter look like, Mother Teresa. After her book on the internment of Japanese Americans, Malkin has no credibility. Any newspaper that carries her column is no more than a comic book (attention Warren Tribune). I can never finish her columns in the Tribune as they are so hate filled. I have to run right to the sink to wash the venom from my hands that fills her editorials. The one day a week that the Warren Tribune  features her column, should contain a free pack of anti-bacterial hand wash.

Is anyone surprised that the teabaggers now have a tie to the Supreme Court, in the likes of Clarence Thomas and his wife. Thomas has had ties to pro-aparthied groups and pro-Nazi anti-Semitic groups.

The teabaggers and conservatives long for the Reagan era. That is because Reagan gave new life to white supremacy.

For St. Paddys Day:

Black 47: “Funky Ceili”

Bobby Sands

Irish Blessing
May you live to be a hundred years,
With one extra year to repent.


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