Purgatory or Paradise?

You’ve heard people in our area say, “The problems we have around here are because we have too many democrats and not enough republicans.” There was an article in the Warren Tribune on March 23, 2010 entitled, “Officials react to reform.” It featured comments by local officials about the passage of the new health care bill. Craig Bonar, former chairman of the Trumbull County Republican Party said, ”The voters obviously decided they wanted socialism when they voted Obama in. So, they’re getting what they voted for.”

Of course this bill that gives insurance companies more customers has nothing to do with socialism. The truth is millionaire ranks rose in 2009 by 16% under President Obama. Only a political hacks like, Bonar would think that makes Obama a socialist. Does Bonar really believe people want to be part of a political party, that would have someone like him as a leader?  Truth is neither party can afford to represent the people, when they are bought and paid for by big business. That is not going to change until we get campaign finance reform. When businesses want tort reform to limit laws suits against them and want to bury auto safety problems like Toyota, do you really believe businesses put people before profits?

I want to believe that many of the folks that are part of the Tea Party Movement are at heart good people. The problem is that the Tea Party Movement is very misinformed. This is because of the lies they have been told by the conservative, corporate owned media. Such lies led to a counter protester with Parkinson’s disease being mocked by Tea party activists. I reported on this in my last post. In this post I am happy to say, that the bully that taunted and intimidated the man with Parkinson’s disease has apologized. I want to take his word that it is out of regrets and not fear of retaliation.

I am not being naive, I know there are still plenty of these kinds of hate mongers around. Here is another vile hate monger who has nothing to contribute to make our children’s future brighter. Someone tell her that her 15 minutes of fame are up and she can go back to keeping an eye on her neighbor, Russia.

In my last post I talked about a lesbian girl in Mississippi, who was denied being allowed to attend her prom with her female date. I am happy to report a positive outcome.

I have stated before that my goal in life is to do my best to make this a better planet for my two kids. I know I am far from alone in this goal and most parents feel as I do. I think we have the power together to make this a heaven on Earth. There are lots of people and organizations motivated by pure greed, that stand in our way. They feel that life on this planet is some kind of purgatory and we will be rewarded with Heaven, after we are dead. I like to play the cards in my hand not wonder what is in the deck. How about you?

I’d rather use this blog to spotlight the wonderful things that encourage me that we can be a heavenly world. It’s not always easy to see the rainbows, when we daily see so many dark clouds. The fact is it first takes a storm to give birth  to a rainbow. Maybe my head is up in the clouds but I see and hear daily glimpses of miracles. I see them at my workplace, I see them in my community and I see them around the world. Sometimes I may have to squint to block out the blackness, that tries to hide them but they shine through like a lighthouse if you put up your periscope and believe.

I heard about a miracle just today on the radio. Go to this site and scroll down to: Medical Students Raise Funds for a Fellow Student. Spend 18 minutes listening to this and see if it doesn’t touch your heart.  Maybe the next generation like these kids, have a lot to teach us about miracles being all around us.

This world can be  a purgatory or a paradise. Drop the Elecpencil a comment and tell me which one you see our children inheriting.

Sade: Paradise

If we all put our kids future first can anything really come between us?

Nothing Can Come Between Us

“For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” ~ African Proverb


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