Lunch and a Tea Party

I was off work this week so I was able to go out to lunch, a couple of times. One day I went to the Elmton, in Struthers, Ohio. I had a couple of pieces of their pizza, which is one of my favorites in the area. It has a unique taste because it is topped with Swiss cheese. I sat at the bar and also enjoyed a Labatts on draught. The also have excellent broasted chicken and chicken parm. I highly recommend the Elmton. Two pieces of pizza and a beer and I spent less than $5.

On a different day I enjoyed lunch with a friend. We went to Basilones at 708 Roemer Blvd. in Farrell, PA. I had not been there in decades but it was as good as I remember. It looks like a little hole in the wall but is a very nice place inside. The have a limited menu, plus fresh daily specials. I like a place with a limited menu because it says, they have learned to do a few things very well.  They have some of the best hot dogs you are going to find. Try the, Margie Dog, which has hot peppers (mild ones available). Also try the white pizza (pizza available after 4). Its Elecpencil affordable and also highly recommended.

I want to mention another group in our area that is reviewing restaurants, in the interest of promoting our area, the Grub Club.

I got an e-mail asking me if I was going to make fun of the Tea Party held yesterday in downtown, Warren, OH. I can’t humorously compete with the outrageous humor of the event itself. This from the Warren Tribune, 4/11/2010: “several area residents had their turn up front during open mic segments of the event. Bob McFall of West Farmington, for example, offered up a call to put people back into office who will “represent the people, speak for the people and work for the people.” McFall like most tea baggers in attendance called for the election of honest people. Yet, former representative U.S. Rep. James Traficant was a featured speaker. The “baggers” see nothing ironic with having Traficant who served time in prison for serving himself and not the people, being someone they admire. It’s as if these Tea Party events were scripted by Monty Python.

Also from the Warren Tribune, “Standing among the crowd, Dennis Pisegna of Hermitage, Pa., said he “is waking up.” Saturday marked his first visit to a Tea Party. However, he said he plans on attending many more and doing what he can to make his position known.” This country is under siege,” he said. “People need to realize that, understand that and do something about it. It’s not going to change unless we stand together and let our government and our leaders know that we are serious.”

Under siege? Are there armed military troops in the streets sent by the government, I missed somewhere? A few years ago I traveled with a few others to protest an appearance by, President GW Bush. He was making a Labor Day speech at Neville Island, PA. The group I was with was carrying various signs, all opposing GW’s policies. The police escorted us to a small park behind a high fence, somewhat out of site of where Bush’s motorcade would pass. We joined 50 other protesters behind what we called, “the first amendment fence.” One elderly man defied the cops and went outside the fence. He said, “This is America I have a right to demonstrate.” He was promptly arrested. Bush supporters walked past the fence and heckled us. Even if I had been one of his supporters, I would have wondered what was happening to my America, that protesters were kept behind a fence. It didn’t seem to bother  any of those supporters passing by.

I think the Tea Party protesters are being used by the corporate powers, in my country but I still support their right to assemble and protest. I reserve the right to protest their protest. If they were to give me a hard time about doing that then I have a problem with them. I also have a problem when they spit on politicians and call them, niggers or fags. Now a days protesters against President Obama stand on street corners with pistols in holsters and rifles slung over their shoulders. By today’s laws they are allowed to do this. It does make me wonder what the NRA would do if their members came to the NRA convention all packing loaded guns. The only weapon I had a few years ago while protesting Bush was a sign and some oral ammunition and I was put behind a fence and guarded by police. Yet, I am being told Obama is taking our rights away? Stop it, you’re making my side hurt from laughing.

The tea baggers are calling for smaller government. Corporations want a smaller government and less safety nets for the people, as that is money that will be up for grabs, for more corporate welfare. The tea baggers are being used as an end to a means for the corporations. The corporations will not be content; until the USA is one big “company town” such as the coal companies use to run. Look at the latest coal mining disaster, where employees were just a “resource,” to be used and thrown away. The coal company had plenty of safety violations because profits are more important than people.

Let’s be honest, we would have had a health care bill a long time ago if we had tied it to: corporate welfare, estate tax law changes, tax breaks for the rich and farm subsidies. I see the tea baggers as a dangerous vehicle as they are operating on a fuel known as, fear. The fear fuel is provided daily by the likes of: Rush, Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, O’Rielly, etc.

I ran into a tea bagger type a couple of days ago. He was an employee of a recycling center I was at. He started telling me about how we need to throw all of the incumbent politicians out of office. I told him as we are both working-class guys we need to look at what each politician has done for us. I stressed how we need to not vote against our own interests. I tried to find what we had in common and work from that position. By the time I left we had both agreed, that not everything is as black and white as it seems. Try to find what you have in common with people and work from there. I’m convinced world peace is going to come from as many one on one encounters as we all can do in a life time. Peace

Chumbawamba: “Never Mind the Ballots”

“Hanging on the Old barbed Wire”

The only difference between the Republican and Democratic parties is the velocities with which their knees hit the floor when corporations knock on their door. That’s the only difference. ~ Ralph Nader

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