Felon Radio and Enjoying the Valley

I wonder if the comment section on my site is hard to use for people. I tend to get e-mails instead of comments. That’s fine as I do appreciate your feedback and suggestions. One recent e-mail said I was wasting my time with the, “Armchair Activist” or what is called, “Slacktivism” section because such e-mail actions don’t work. Having current actions you can make a difference on was my main goal in setting up a blog. So I was stunned to have someone tell me the “Armchair Activist” section was a waste of my time. He sent me info from Snopes.com to prove his point. I know that many people take Snopes.com as gospel but I offer this to show they got it wrong. If you want to have even more influence than “Slacktivism” consider writing and phoning your elected officials. To make a big impact use ethical consumerism and learn about the products and companies you are doing business with. Purchase locally whenever you can.

I don’t know how many of you have heard about the terrible toxic spill that is causing so much damage. No, I’m not talking about the Gulf Coast oil slick; I’m talking about something closer to us here in Ohio. I’m talking about the brain cell killing gas slick that is being emitted in Cleveland every Saturday. Though the pollution happens every Saturday between 1pm-4pm Cleveland’s Hazmat crews have not responded to the emergency. Knowing the polluter involved, you know the pile of bull shit is getting deep and needs FEMA’s attention. I’m talking about, 1100 AM radio’s, Jim 10 Felony Counts Traficant Show. Most of the callers are Tea baggers who think Jimbo should be president. From prison to the White House, now there’s a Horatio Alger story.

When I need a pick me up on the work days I watch, “FOX and Friends” before work. Think the ” Daily Show” with John Stewart but with a cast who doesn’t realize they are doing very funny satire. The three FOX hosts are the lamest idiots on TV and that is saying something given the  rest of  the FOX News show hosts. It’s so scripted it makes WWF wrestling seem like an improv event. After a few minutes of “FOX and Friends” I know that any bizarre event that happens to me the rest of the day, will seem tame compared to the nut bags on FOX I watched that morning. So, on the weekends if I need a fix of listening to fruitcakes I now have the, “Jim Traficant show.”

The other point of blogging is to point out the many great things we have in our valley. I took the wife’s Ford Taurus into Crown Ford to get the oil changed. I had no appointment but was in and out pretty quick. They always call my house within a few days of any service I have. They want to know if I liked their service and have any suggestions. We got our Taurus used from Crown and it now is four years old and has near 70,000 miles. The car has been one of the most reliable cars I have ever owned. It still has the original brakes, tires and battery and has required no service other than oil changes and tire rotations. The Taurus gets good gas mileage, has a very comfortable seat and a huge trunk. That is all I really need in transportation. I don’t consider huge car payments on a BMW (Big Money Wasted) a status symbol.  I have owned GM, Chrysler, AMC, VW, Honda and Toyotas and I’d put this Ford at the top in reliability of any of them. Crown Ford is also the best dealership I have had experience with.

Mrs. Elecpencil and I enjoyed a meal the other day at Trax Lounge located at 4250 New Rd Austintown, OH. It’s one of our favorite restaurants as it has an extensive menu. We tend to get one of their salads with chicken or steak on it. These are as they would say on, “Seinfeld” big salads. Always great food and service and try a Honey Brown on draft and you’ll thank me.

Because the Elecpencil went from the industrial sector to the service sector a decade ago, I have had to seek out bargains when I shop. Buying retail is for schmucks and shopping on a budget can be a treasure hunt. I have been shopping for a new entry door for our house. Our old door is the original and is hollow wood and not very energy efficient in winter. On the bright side it is summer and I have all summer to find a bargain door. My search took me to Bernard Daniels in Canfield. It’s a hardware store that has been serving our valley for 90 years.  I especially liked their side room that had a large amount of windows and doors at close out prices. I didn’t find the size I needed but I will stop back a few more times this summer to see what else ends up in the sales room. A great place that even has appliances.

I stopped into a small store in Boardman I really liked. It’s called S&J Merchandise. It’s located at West Blvd. (off 224, next to A&W). A very congenial young guy told me to ask for something I wanted if I didn’t see it. He had a little bit of everything packed in the store. He buys closeouts etc. by the pallet and offers great prices on items. I saw; beach chairs, electronics, computer keyboards, car seat covers, picture frames, pharmacy products, mag wheels for a car, etc. I bought a TV universal remote with big numbers for my mother-in-law and Mrs. Elecpencil bought some cooking tools. A place that deserves the support of all of us for proving affordable goods.

Mrs. Elecpencil and I stopped by Fellows Riverside Gardens for a walk among the lovely gardens. If you haven’t checked out the gift shop at the Davis Education & Visitor Center next to the gardens you need to. We  attended the open house for the Artist of the Mahoning Commons in the old Ward Bakery on Mahoning Ave. in Youngstown. The artists have studios in the building and it is great to go and be able to buy some of the wonderful things they have for sale. There was: photography, paintings, pottery, jewelry, mirrors, furniture, birdbaths etc. Always a nice open house you shouldn’t miss.

We also stopped right down the street at the new Calvin Center Idea Incubator. The center will house the new Rust Belt Theater Company, which will stage its first production in June and will have a full season beginning in the fall. The theater will be run by local talented producer/singer Robert Joki. It’s a nice facility that Mrs. And Mr. Elecpencil look forward to visiting for plays.

Put that damn mower away (you don’t need to mow three times a week) and get out and enjoy our valley!

Capitol Steps:  Buy, Buy American Pie

God Bless My SUV

The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.  ~John Kenneth Galbraith



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  1. I just recently heard about the ohio spill

  2. elecpencil

    He’s a real piece of work.

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