Myth Busting On Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day! It’s a day to celebrate the women who gave us birth. We should also remember Earth, the First Mother. With disasters like the recent Gulf oil spill we really need to take a look at what we are doing to Mother Earth, who has given us all life.

We have people who don’t want to believe in Global Warming or any climate change. They want to believe that humans are not responsible. This is of course also the corporate view as they don’t want to spend any money to clean up the damage they do.  We need first to realize we have a problem and to look at some facts. There is no debate between climate scientists.  Even if you are a global Warming denier, we have to err on the side of making a better planet. What can we as individuals do to help Mother Nature? Here is a list of things everyone can do.

Most of the problems we have on Mother Earth stem from myths. Overcoming these myths would go a long way to making for a better planet. The issue of illegal aliens is something our country needs to look at. Passing racist laws as Arizona has recently done is not the answer. We need to dispell myths about the, “Immigration Crisis.”  Immigration legal or illegal is about providing a better life for your family. I wish people could find that in their homeland. We need to get people to fight to make their own countries a place where their children have the opportunities they come to our country seeking.

We hear too much about how we have deadbeats in our society, who are content to live generation after generation on welfare. It’s time to bust the welfare myths. With welfare only amounting to 1% of the federal budget it is hard to believe political candidates get so much mileage out of the issue. We spend four times as much on corporate welfare. The rich are the ones who need to be thrown off welfare.

We keep hearing from the Teabaggers how President Obama is turning the U.S. into a socialist nation. Let’s just look at that myth. Here are some of the myths about the U.S. Here are myths about the U.S. economy and deficit. Twenty historical myths.  Five myths about the U. S. education system. We need to bust the myths. We need to use the truth as oral ammunition against the mythologist that would keep us down with lies. We don’t need a Tea Party we need a Myth Busters Party. Party on.

Grace Slick: Earth Mother

Culcha Candela: Mother Earth

“Myths are a waste of time. They prevent progression.” ~ Barbara Streisand


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