Cash, Wine, Smoking Toddlers and Mystery

How would you like some cash? Most consumer tips can save you money. Instead,  I have one that will pay you some cash. The only item you will need to get this cash is a riding or push mower made after 1994. If you have a push and rider you can claim both. The cash is from a settlement where mower engine makers lied about horsepower ratings. Owners of a push mower can claim $35.00. Owners of riding mowers will be paid, $75.00. Here is the info for you to apply for the settlement. Use the cash locally to help stimulate the community!

Mr. and Mrs. Elecpencil went wining and dinning with friends Friday to help stimulate the economy in Trumbull County. We went to Cortland, OH. to eat at Locos Amigos. This Mexican restaurant is located at 105 South High St. Mrs. Elecpencil had an excellent frozen Margarita. I had an ice tea that was kept filled by the very efficient staff. Our friends, John and Patty got fajitas along with Mrs. Elecpencil and I. The price was $20.00 for two fajita dinners and included a very generous amount of food.  Great food, great service and great company. What more could you ask for?

After the meal we headed down the road to the  Greene Eagle Winery.  It is located at 2576 Davis Peck Road Cortland, OH. The winery is in a  beautiful 18th-century timber Cape Cod building. Inside you sit on Windsor chairs at tavern tables. There is also a deck in front of the structure for you to enjoy the outdoors. There is a beautiful fireplace that would be great with a fire on a cool evening.

We sat inside and got a deck of Uno cards from the game shelf after getting our wine. They feature eight different wines. They can be bought by the glass for $4.oo or by the bottle for $19.50. This seems to be the going rate for most wineries in our area. I prefer sweet wines which according to wine snobs makes me a bohemian. I sampled three of Green Eagle’s sweet wines and enjoyed all of them. A truly beautiful place right here in our community!

You’ve probably seen this disgusting video in the last week. It is of a two year-old Indonesian boy who smokes two packs of  cigarettes a day. The parents said if he doesn’t get his cigarettes he throws a tantrum. A note to the parents; that is what two year-olds do for no reason. The “terrible two’s” means it’s a bad age,  not that he should smoke two packs of “ciggies.”

My daughter, the Mac, was furious at the parents when she saw this on the news. I really wasn’t that shocked by it. I pointed out to Mac that I saw something like that in our own neighborhood. It involved a young neighbor woman with a college degree and a very good paying job. She was nursing her young male baby while she was smoking. I consider it worse than the Indonesian two year-old smoker. The neighbor’s child was even younger and had no  choice about inhaling smoke. He also was getting smoke through the mother’s milk. She might as well have just handed him the cigarette. This is an educated woman in our country versus someone who is poor and living in the Third World which makes it even worse.

I remember going for birthing classes with Mrs. Elecpencil when she was several months along with our first-born, Adam. There were a dozen others parents in the class. All the mothers were several months pregnant. I remember one mother asking the nurse instructor, “Do you think it is safe for my baby if I drink diet soda?” The nurse replied, “Those artificial sweeteners could be dangerous, we just don’t know enough about them.” Upon leaving that night the same mother was standing on the sidewalk waiting for her husband to pull the car up. She stood sucking on a cigarette so hard I thought her eyes were going to explode. The jury might have been out on artificial sweeteners but everyone knows smoking was not something an expecting mother should have been doing. It is sad that any idiot can have a child.

One young man in the birthing class introduced himself to all of us the first day. He and his wife were both wearing jackets that read “Coon Hunters of Trumbull County.” He stated very seriously, “We better be having a boy because I want to take a son coon hunting.” I was a good ten years older than this guy and all I could think was the guy had a lot of growing up to do.

We did not want to know the sex of either of our two children as we cherish the surprises in life. I’ve come to realize that there are two kinds of mothers. The first is like Mrs. Elecpencil, willing to embrace the mysteries of life. The other type is the kind that just have to know the sex of the child. This type of mother is a controller that has no sense of adventure. I’d say this type is in for a lot of heartbreak because things just don’t always work out as you planned. At least that’s the way I see it.

Sadly, we have more and more parents that just have to know the sex of their child. We should move away from trying to harness the mysteries in life and just jump on bareback and see where the ride takes us. Happy trails ~ The Elecpencil

Thanks to Sue A. for reminding me about Funky Poodle.

Cleveland’s Wild Horses: Funky Poodle

Cleveland’s Alex Bevan: Skinny Little Boy From Cleveland Ohio

“Mystery is at the heart of Creativity. That, and surprise.” ~ Julia Cameron


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