Candy Thrill and Oil Spill

First off let me mention a treasure in the heart of downtown Youngstown. I visit this place any time I am in Youngstown with my daughter, the Mac. It is one of her favorite places. It’s also one of the reasons I refer to her as the “Candy girl.” I’m talking about  Touch the Moon Candy Saloon located at 8 S. Phelphs St.

Mac doesn’t really care for chocolate candy as she loves retro candies like:  Necco Wafers, Candy Buttons, Juju B’s, Candy Cigarettes, Pixie Sticks, Space Ships etc. Touch the Moon is the only place to find these treasures. Jim Sutman is the owner and you can usually find him in the store. He started the store to train disabled adults to work retail. Jim gives 100% of the profits to the disabled  in our community and believes in the revitalization of downtown Youngstown. What other reasons do you need to patronize such a “Good and Plenty” cool place? Oh yeah…… that great candy you remember as a kid.

Have you listened to Dan Rivers on WKBN radio in the past year? His favorite topic is bashing illegal immigrants. Callers to his show like to talk about the huge amount of violence illegal aliens are causing at our borders. Truth is violence has been down at the border for some time now. Truth isn’t something you’re bound to hear from Dan or his callers. Here are some facts from Sam Seder to set the record straight.

Here is a video about America’s first illegal immigrants. These folks were some cruel scumbags that should have been destroyed the second they set foot on American soil.

Our nation has been attacked by terrorists again. This time it was by British Petroleum (BP). Eleven are dead so far because of BP’s refusal to listen to workers. The first thing that needed to be stuffed in the leaking hole was BP executives. We then needed to add politicians who favor deregulating industry. This cartoon says it all.

Ten things you should know about the BP oil spill. Ten more things you’ll wish you didn’t know about the spill. I am sadden by number nine and outraged but not surprised by number ten.

BP’s has had another spill after the gulf one.

Do you prefer oil or manure in your drinking water? Here is info on a manure spill that was twice as large as the Exxon-Valdez oil disaster, yet it was not reported to any extent by the media.

Support drilling in the Palin family swimming hole.

A poem I wrote last week:


Jimmy Carter said,

we need to get

green baby green.

He put solar panels

on the White House

solar baby solar.

He dared tell Americans to

turn down their thermostats

conserve baby conserve.

He was ahead of the times

so next election he

lost baby lost.

Reagan removed the solar panels

and sold us out to

big business baby big business.

The Earth and everything on it

existed for shareholders PROFIT

profit baby profit.

Big business writes the laws

for our so called, representatives

deregulation baby deregulation.

Now the Foxes were in charge

of running the chicken coop

slaughter-house baby slaughter-house.

Greed became good and

too much was not possible

greed baby greed.

A petroleum cartels dream

two Bushes and Dick Cheney

crude men baby crude men.

A lie about weapons of mass destruction

sends our young to die for oil extraction

oil war baby oil war.

Moron for Boron

bimbo Sarah Palin says,

drill baby drill.

More BP off shore drilling

led to Mother Natures killing

spill baby spill.

Attacked on 9/11 by terrorists

now 11 dead from corporate terrorists

unregulated free market baby unregulated free market.

Conservatives believe in ‘personal responsibility’,

but not ‘corporate responsibility’

corporate puppets baby corporate puppets.

Who pays for corporate irresponsibility and destruction?

We the People, and also

brown Pelicans baby brown Pelicans.

Conservatives want to control a woman’s body

even in the case of rape and

rape Mother Nature baby rape Mother Nature.

If you want to break the oil addiction

and want clean: air, land and water

you’re a socialist baby socialist.

The rich get richer

and the poor poorer

it’s Trickle Down economics baby Trickle Down economics.

Witness the death of everything

you have a urine stained front row seat

because the trickle is piss baby piss.

The Gulf of Mexico is now

the gulf of Texaco and

the Reagan Memorial baby the Reagan Memorial.

McCann & Harris: Compared to What

Compared to What:  Concerning Iraq

Eddie Harris: Tired of Driving

Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.  ~Cree Indian Proverb


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