Filo Dough and Corporate America’s Dough

I had lunch a couple of days ago with two revolutionary co-conspirators for a better world.  We ate at Cafe’ Maria at 16 South Main St. Hubbard, Ohio. It sits on the side of Squirrelly’s Skin Art tattoo shop. The restaurant has four tables each seating four. They also were doing a brisk take-out business. We decided to try some of the Greek food items on the menu. We had Fila (stuffed grape leaves), Spanakopita (spinach, cheese, spices & herbs in a filo dough) and Tiroptia (cheese, spices & herbs in filo dough). The Fila were like mini pigs in the blanket. Sometimes grape leaves can be bitter but these were not. The filo dough on the Spanakopita and Tiroptia was very flakey and the filling was very tasty.  The menu also features salads, gyros, sandwiches, wraps and several dinners. The restaurant has been opened for a year and with food this good they deserve your support to stay open for many years to come.

With all this hot weather I want you to remember to check in on the elderly in our community and see that they are alright. My wife and I stopped to see one of her elderly relatives the other day. Generally this relative is a very bright and compassionate person. The other day it was very hot when we stopped to check on her. She was babbling about Muslims all being terrorists, about communists controlling our country and how minorities and illegals are taking over our country. We thought the heat had gotten to her or she was getting senile. We then noticed she was watching Glenn Beck on TV. We asked her when she had started watching Beck. She said a few days ago she was clicking through the channels and saw him crying like a baby. She decided to see what was wrong and now she has been watching him daily. We convinced her that he was insane and she would go insane watching such drivel. The Elecpencil says, “Loved ones don’t let loved ones kill brain cells watching Glen Beck.”

I had most of the summer off of work and that let me observe a few things, I  don’t experience when I’m working. The one thing that shocked me was the state of local talk radio. WKBN’s Dan Rivers spends every day on his talk show bashing illegal Hispanic immigrants and Muslims. That is when he isn’t bashing unions, democrats, liberals and public sector workers. Dan and most of his callers come off as some real racists and bigots. Dan has spoken at Teabagger gatherings where he bashes illegal immigrants. He is promoting a bus trip to D.C. where the “baggers” will be having a rally.  Dan has claimed the Teabagger events have no ties to either political party. A caller asked Dan, “Where can I find tickets for your bus trip?” Dan’s response, “Your local Republican headquarters.” Dan claims one of the biggest goals of the baggers is to stamp out corruption in D.C. A note to Dan, you can’t protest against political corruption and have a corrupt politician like Traficant be a speaker at your rallies

I got an e-mail from a teabagger. He told me it was rude of me to address them as teabaggers. I sent him an e-mail saying I would instead call them “insane domestic terrorists,” “American Taliban,” “corporate tools” or “corporate lemmings.” I told him to pick which one he preferred but I haven’t heard back from him so I will continue calling them teabaggers.

Let me state why my views differ from the baggers and conservatives. It comes down to an issue of control. The government can control our country or the corporations can control the country. Both situations can have difficulties but I prefer  the government in control because we can vote out a politician who isn’t doing a good job every few years.  If the corporations were running our country we’d have no way to get rid of corporate boards and CEO’s. We’d also have no safety standards or environmental regulations. As it is, the corporations already have too much influence over our politicians. We need campaign finance reform to beat back the corporations from buying our government let alone turning it over to them.  I also don’t believe in term limits like many baggers do. Why should we have term limits just because most people are too dumb to follow politics and too apathetic to vote. Get informed and get involved or you deserve the government you get.

I was recently at a panel discussion that included a teabagger who speaks at area events. He is a retired supervisor from Delphi.  As you may know many  retired Delphi white-collar workers got cheated out of some of  their pensions and health care. During the question and answer period I had my hand up to ask  the teabagger whether he was one of many who were cheated. He had to leave early and the question session was cut short and I didn’t get to ask him. I would assume he is one of those cheated.  I wanted to ask if his anger over this made him get involved in the Tea Party.  I personally know workers from our local steel mills and elsewhere who were screwed out of pensions and health care since the late 1970’s.  I wanted to know if this Tea Party speaker spoke out decades ago about these things happening to  American workers or did he only think America was going in the wrong direction when it happened to him,  just recently.

The Tea Party speaker came off as not very bright and as a racist. Then again  I have never met a supervisor who wasn’t a little slow in the thought process. A young teabagger in his twenties came to film the discussion. He was wearing a t-shirt that said, “9/11 was an inside job.” I couldn’t imagine what kind of people these two kooks could inspire to attend Tea Party rallies. A national Tea Party event led by Glenn Beck is coming up in D.C. Attending a rally in D.C. sponsored by FOX NEWS and paid for by Corporate America’s dough is part of the problem not the solution.

For those that wonder why the middle-class is disappearing  the answer is apathy. We don’t see the hole the neighbor is in until we are in the same hole. Soon, it will be too late as we will all be so far down we will have to jump up to  reach the bottom.

I agree with Sam Seder on the NYC Mosque.

Alix Olson: America’s on Sale

Nate Marshall: Super Tuesday

“What is conservatism? It is not adherence to the old and tried, but against the new and untried?” ~ Abraham Lincoln



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3 responses to “Filo Dough and Corporate America’s Dough

  1. Bob

    E.P.– Don’t fall into the same trap of thinking of corporations as private actors as most conservatives do. Corporations are state created entities that enjoy several sovereign powers, the most important of which are perpetual existence and limited liability. Without these state-granted powers, stock corporations would not be able to raise the kind of capital that it takes to dominate markets. To borrow a concept from conservative uber-economist Milton Friedman, state-chartered stock corporations are by far the biggest government distortion on the operation of free markets. Just because their sovereign powers are used for private ends – maximizing profit for shareholders and executives – doesn’t mean that corporations should be placed in the category of private actors.

  2. janko

    Cafe Maria is fantastic!

    I’m crossing my fingers for a downtown location one day.

    nice gifts

  3. elecpencil

    Bob ~ Corporations are state entities that I fear will soon own our state and offer to lease some of it to us.

    Janko~ Thanks for the link I want one of each t-shirt!

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